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The crave to write a simple and easy to follow tips is what I am here for. In an MMO scenario, my articles can be a tool for savvy gamers.Providing essential in-game information to finish different tasks in MMO games.

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MMO Game Expansions Set Mania MMO Game Expansions Set Mania
Just before game developers would release a sequel to its respective successful MMO game titles, they would try to maximize the potentials of the games they developed. Using a strategic business method often refers to as expansion, it can lure more MMO gamers to participate in playing the games...... >>more
Sat Aug 21 20:53:28 2010

MMO Games : Clash of the East and West MMO Games : Clash of the East and West
MMO gaming entertainment has really embraced the online media by a huge followings. Come to think of it, it has revived the business of Internet shops all over the world. Many people, especially the young ones, troop to their respective I-cafe's to play their favorite online games. And together with their friends they enjoy the intense battle that being brought by MMO games to the players from all...... >>more
Sat Jun 05 03:22:25 2010

The Best and Worst Things to Do as a Tank The Best and Worst Things to Do as a Tank
When it comes to offensive strategies, a tanker character has the complete tools, abilities and skills in his repertoire. Most often than not, he leads attacking the mobs in an MMORPG scenario. Even engaging the big bosses to a toe to toe battle, a tanker character can be a beneficial factor.... >>more
Wed Jun 02 19:12:41 2010

Influential Video Games Shaped up MMO Influential Video Games Shaped up MMO
Concepts and mechanics are the two factors that had much influence when developing MMO games. Game developers take ideas on the games that people love to play the most. Video game entertainment also takes on the process of evolution. In this way, gaming enthusiasts never run out of anticipation.... >>more
Sun May 30 19:34:57 2010

Dynamics of an MMORPG Character Dynamics of an MMORPG Character
New players of MMO games should pay attention to what are these dynamics before diving into the game. In all role playing online games, characters are being leveled up by their respective statistics. Thus creating a unique quality of character that a player may build it.... >>more
Fri May 28 23:16:07 2010

Avalon Heroes: Step 1 to 4 Walkthrough Avalon Heroes: Step 1 to 4 Walkthrough
Before having an online battle with friends, Players can do a training of sorts with Avalon Heroes. An awesome twist in the MMORTS game, With Avalon Heroes, the game offers missions in each side for boot camp training. The missions are not just getting used to the game but also a chance to earn arons, the trading medium of the game and experiences as players go along.... >>more
Sat Apr 24 18:03:23 2010

Star Trek - First Update (Common Ground) Star Trek - First Update (Common Ground)
After a successful debut released last February, Star Trek Online has just released its major update. Season One - Common Ground has several new features which will make players fire their photon lasers more often. Playing this Sci-fi themed MMO game for me is having to get out of the saturated medieval themed RPG online games. It is really a whole new experience and it is not the typical one character...... >>more
Mon Apr 19 22:54:26 2010

Three Modes of MMORPGs' PvP Three Modes of MMORPGs' PvP
Let's get ready to rumble!! MMO games have never ceased to entertain players. The games are so great and enjoyable. One thing that excites players from MMO gaming is the player versus player (PvP) system that more often than not, can be found in online games. One cannot find an MMO game without it. It is a very essential part of multiplayer online gaming system.... >>more
Sat Apr 17 06:04:02 2010

Babes Ready to Play Online Babes Ready to Play Online
Just a few days ago I have read an article about girls being lured to play online games. What is the catch? Apparently they are being paid to play the games online. With financial woes happening all across the globe, younger girls will indeed bite the bullet as I may say just for a fact that she can earn a couple of extra bucks. It is a very odd way for implementing such business model.... >>more
Sun Apr 04 02:39:45 2010

MMO Games in Xbox 360 MMO Games in Xbox 360
Console games are very cool to play with. Gamers don't have the burden of upgrading hardwares and meet system requirements for their machine to run their favorite MMO games. With the availability of its proprietary controllers, the ease of playing can be achieved. That is not all, because most console machines also support high definition HD gaming.... >>more
Sun Mar 28 07:50:50 2010

Looking for Free 2 Play MMORTS Looking for Free 2 Play MMORTS
During the time when the world is suffering from financial crisis, people tend to be frugal. We should be smart enough save a little bit of everything. When the rain comes, we can be prepared. But as a hardcore player like me, its hard for me to just let go of my MMO games just to be able to minimize the total expenditures I am incurring. So the smartest thing to do will be to just surf around the...... >>more
Sun Mar 28 00:02:27 2010

A Gamer with an Attitude A Gamer with an Attitude
As these phenomena of gamers diving on the sea of MMO games, they have develop different kinds of attitudes that separate or make them unique among the crowd. And anyone can only find these if he or she becomes a player of MMO games. So gamers let us see where you belong as I list down different types of player I had come across while playing MMO games. Who knows you might end having more than what...... >>more
Mon Mar 22 00:13:13 2010

What We can Expect from F2P Alganon What We can Expect from F2P Alganon
What a great feeling to hear the news that Alganon had gone free to play scheme. It surely would attract many savvy MMO gamers across the continent. One thing I like about Alganon is that it has a similar concept with World of Warcraft. As an alternative to WoW, I find it very exciting to play with. For now I just want to let the gamers know that Alganon would be a great MMORPG as time goes.... >>more
Wed Mar 17 04:12:58 2010

Facebook MMO Games Development Facebook MMO Games Development
So promising that MMO developers might see this as another great opportunity to build an MMO game application for social networking site platform. Several developers have already embarked the new wave of online gaming.... >>more
Sun Mar 07 22:52:31 2010

Game Controls Using Motions Game Controls Using Motions
After the smash hit, series of games of motion controls popped up most notably were geared toward music instruments like percussion and guitars. But when Nintendo Wii went on the market, motion control was the theme of this unique video gaming console. The remote control compliments it with the so called nunchuks are the devices that detect the motions of a player and Wii translates to its equivalent...... >>more
Wed Mar 03 21:39:50 2010

Dawning of MMORTS Dawning of MMORTS
The evolution of MMO games has just begun. Several game developers are now testing the water of new ideas that will further enhance the gaming experiences of online players. MMORTS is the next big thing in multiplayer online gaming scenario. And take note that players who once had been addicted to this kind of gaming genre, surely it will be highly anticipated by them as game developers might revive...... >>more
Wed Mar 03 07:30:55 2010

Other Than MMORPG Other Than MMORPG
For the year 2009 MMO games started like a house a fire. Aion by Ncsoft debuted on that year with a warm receptions from gamers. But to my mind it was just another RPG game that was made to prolong gaming time among players.... >>more
Wed Feb 24 07:52:59 2010

Rogue Activities in MMO Rogue Activities in MMO
'Bad as I wanna be.' exclaimed by a player from the chat forum. Reminds me of a film by NBA's bad boy Dennis Rodman. Let us discuss about the players' bad activities inside online gaming. MMO games is very much exciting to play with. Players can mixed in and have all sorts of fun, exciting, full of action and riotous activities that can test each others patience and getting along in an online game...... >>more
Wed Feb 17 23:29:23 2010

Love Struck MMO Games Love Struck MMO Games
It is again the time of the year. Love is in the air once more and couples begin to plan what are in store for them come Valentine's Day. What could be more romantic than a planned date or having to go to concerts? May I suggest one or more? Even in the virtual world of MMO games, love is spread throughout. So even in games couple can have an out of the box romantic experiences that they will surely...... >>more
Fri Feb 05 01:15:14 2010

MMO Games Keep Turning the Wheel of Commerce MMO Games Keep Turning the Wheel of Commerce
For the past a year and a half, world economies suffered a series of financial downturns. The US economy had the biggest black eye in terms of dealing with these unfortunate events. And now Dubai which is one of the biggest oil-producing country is suffering the same fate. So commodities are not as good in the sense that people don't have enough resources to buy their needs...... >>more
Wed Feb 03 22:20:54 2010

A New Breed of MMO Weaponry A New Breed of MMO Weaponry
Since enemies are in packs MMO game characters should be enhanced in a way of improving the concepts of attack and defend. In attack what weapon should be effective or in defending what buffing weapon the players can use for him or her to minimize damages. There are so many things that we can combine and come up with a very unique approach so that players are having fun and satisfies the worth of time...... >>more
Mon Feb 01 05:19:45 2010

Coolest AoE Skills in MMO Games Coolest AoE Skills in MMO Games
An excellent and stunning skill effects catch most gamers specially with Area of Effect (AoE) type of skills. Depending what build a gamer chooses for the character he/she is playing, almost all MMORPG games has these sets of skills for defeating monsters and different types of enemies that 'mob' the player's character.... >>more
Sun Jan 31 02:41:49 2010

MMO on an Apple's newest iPad MMO on an Apple's newest iPad
One factor that MMO game developers can benefit to this new device is Apple iPad is also intended for gaming because their proprietary A4 chip processor with the GPU and I/O controllers all in one chip that clocks 1 Ghz. Most of the MMO games can run on this level of clockspeed. So many gamers will enjoy what is in store for them when MMO games for iPad hit the road. ... >>more
Sat Jan 30 05:13:11 2010

MMO Games for Apple MMO Games for Apple
Today, Steve Jobs announced Apple's new project iPad. Apple is quite imaginative for creating new things. We just wonder the possibilities that if MMOs get more application on Apple's projects. Below is an article about MMO games for Apple by Johnny Lim.... >>more
Wed Jan 27 21:50:37 2010

Health Hazards Playing MMOs Health Hazards Playing MMOs
Health is wealth as they say. So this article may remind MMO players to take serious responsibility concerning the conditions of their body. When playing games we tend to just sit there and the only parts of the body that move are the eyes, fingers and arm. ... >>more
Sat Jan 23 00:00:48 2010

MMO Games Now in HD MMO Games Now in HD
HD (high definition) standards are now being consider in entertainment. Shouldn't be gaming far behind? One should design a graphic resolution with a minimum of 1920 x 1080 (or 720) pixel and 32-bit color . A totally awesome audio experience can have at least a 5.1 channel gaming design. To keep up the HD experience one must have a blu-ray storage media (BD) for higher capacity and delivers faster...... >>more
Thu Dec 31 22:52:12 2009

Make A Room for MMO Improvements Make A Room for MMO Improvements
As an advocacy of better game developments, I would like to share my opinions to all other players and game developers. The things that disgust me most while playing MMO games are the worst designs and system of plays.... >>more
Wed Dec 30 22:26:59 2009

Top 10 Infamous Scourge in MMO World Top 10 Infamous Scourge in MMO World
In an article about MMO games, we usually read about the character and what he or she can do with their skills, few have even wrote about the bad guys that challenge the gamers' character to an enormous battles. So let's open up the curtain and present the top 10 scums of MMO World... >>more
Sat Dec 26 01:00:06 2009

Collectibles: Beyond the MMO Games Collectibles: Beyond the MMO Games
The years were not long ago, when players were as young as 12 years old, tinkered the game pads of console games. As we grew along, we had learned to let our fingers mastered the QWERTY keyboard and went along with control of a mouse. Just imagine the breakthrough that playing games have gone through over million participants. Those were the thing in the past for the players. But the effects of...... >>more
Thu Dec 24 00:02:19 2009

Star Trek Online Pre-Order Bonanza Star Trek Online Pre-Order Bonanza
Star Trek Online pre-order have begun. Star Trek Online gives its followers an opening salvo by way of a pre-order promotion. ... >>more
Thu Dec 17 23:40:16 2009

Luna Online Gets Hyped Luna Online Gets Hyped
Luna Online is a very popular Free MMORPG in Internet cafe. Our columnist Johnny will lift the veil of why this candy-themed game can catch people's eyes.... >>more
Sat Dec 12 01:13:19 2009

Game Gimmicks: What a Rrrush! Game Gimmicks: What a Rrrush!
Once again, the holiday season is fast approaching and players are anticipating a lot of events and gimmicks from the game publishers. Such promotional events tend to attract more players for participation due to its array of prizes and surprises. As in the case of a lot retail stores in America, consumers enjoyed the Black Friday event after thanksgiving. It was an event that made people lined up...... >>more
Sat Dec 05 00:55:30 2009

A Lust for Online Games Tournament A Lust for Online Games Tournament
Millions of people all over the world patronize the gaming industry. And like in Olympics, there are several events where in they compete in an array of games based on the what games are being participated. The essence of sportsmanship and unity are the common themes organizers would always promote. Aside from exhibits and product launchings, game developers can go hand and hand with organizers to...... >>more
Tue Dec 01 00:26:11 2009

S.U.N Players Rejoice: New Server Klippe Coming S.U.N Players Rejoice: New Server Klippe Coming
Great news awaits for S.U.N global players like me. Upon learning the upcoming event in the Webzen's official website, I as a player would like to share this information and of course want to be a part of this treat from the game publisher.... >>more
Sun Nov 29 19:00:05 2009

Sequel to the Coolest Games Wanted Sequel to the Coolest Games Wanted
There is no stopping the development of online gaming. People are much involved with this kind of virtual experiences. As long as we have a strong and secured virtual infrastructure as the Internet to connect into. Online games will still reign for the next 20 years with the promise of fun, educational, excitement and competitiveness among players around the world. Great titles in the minds of the...... >>more
Wed Nov 25 01:33:26 2009

Next in Line is Enigma Online Next in Line is Enigma Online
After getting through with a Europe-style MMORPG, I was able to have a glimpse of a latest hard core online role-playing game entitled Enigma Online. It is a whole lot of different experience for me. This 3D martial arts attack effects and a flavor of Asian theme got my attention. I was getting bored with medieval type of scenery. This game made me jump off to my feet figuratively. It features a backdrop...... >>more
Mon Nov 23 23:17:14 2009

Inner Voice: Call of MMOG Evolution Inner Voice: Call of MMOG Evolution
There have been quite a stir in the minds of savvy MMO gamers. And I have prepared a wishlist that can help game developers make quite an impression of revolutionizing the world of MMO development . Just hoping to contribute ideas and concepts to make the MMO games more fun and have great experience to play with. ... >>more
Sun Nov 22 19:18:04 2009

S.U.N Walk-through in Main Mission Etherein Sewer S.U.N Walk-through in Main Mission Etherein Sewer
For almost two months now since I have registered to play Soul of Ultimate Nation (S.U.N), the party mission for Etherein Sewer is the trickiest so far for level 40 to 50. Mastering this mission will have a great reward for S.U.N players. Players can repeat this mission as much as they like. If players want to have more Heim (the trading medium of the game) then it is a place for farming up. Amassing...... >>more
Thu Nov 19 07:35:31 2009