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Dominic Strohmeyer
Dominic is currently a student and an active participant in the MMO industry. He has worked for the press and has helped out a few gaming companies , and has played nearly every game on the market today.

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Bloodline Champions: The Astronomer Bloodline Champions: The Astronomer
The learning curve was very steep and you could easily see a discrepancy between those with prior arena PvP experience and knowledge, and those new to this style.... >>more
Thu Jun 02 00:33:42 2011

Vindictus First Impressions Vindictus First Impressions
Vindictus was brought to my attention by a friend who was obsessed with Mabinogi and could not wait for Nexon's newest hit, Vindictus, to be released. Nearly all of the buzz I saw was positive, surrounding Vindictus with a cloud of hype that made it win some pretty large awards so far. Now, the game has been out for a decent amount of time and continues to expand, following in the footsteps of the...... >>more
Sun Mar 20 20:25:52 2011

Early Impressions on The Secret World Early Impressions on The Secret World
Luckily for myself, they have delivered and given a new trailer and new gameplay footage, and after catching up on all the new information and videos I am left with many strong impressions, some good and others a little harsher.... >>more
Tue Mar 15 06:37:21 2011

What Can Be Changed to Make the MMO Industry Produce Stronger Games What Can Be Changed to Make the MMO Industry Produce Stronger Games
Hey guys. Over the course of the next month I am going to be writing a continuing series about redesigning the MMO industry. I will take a look at prime examples of what was done correctly and what could have been improved, and discuss overall changes that the industry should be looking to make in the next few years. ... >>more
Thu Mar 10 01:09:26 2011