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Aura Rinoa

Aura is an italian cosplayer, webdesigner and videogame addicted. She loves graphic, design, colors and everything related to the world of Cosplay. She dreams to travel around the world and become the italian representer at World Cosplay Summit in Japan! to know more about Aura

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Cosplayer Interview with Aura Rinoa Cosplayer Interview with Aura Rinoa
Do you still remember the Blood Elves cosplayed by an Italian cosplayer, Aura? Yes, this time, it's honorable for me to interview such a great cosplayer - Aura Rinoa. Besides cosplay, Aura is still an outstanding person, she actually works as a web designer. Do you want to know more about her and her cosplay? Here is the interview, enjoy it!... >>more
Tue Nov 15 03:15:14 2011