MacroWelll was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting the leisure and entertainment technologies, mainly engaged in the operation of game software. Its services of digital projects include the software of 30+ PC games, online games and software-related goods. It also promotes Internet-related products, and strives to improve the traditional working environment and efficiency...

Joymax's 2011 Line-up
Joymax announced today the launch of a far-reaching media campaign guaranteed to delight players about the exciting titles launching in the future. Joymax's strong joint lineups with partner WeMade will......more >>
NEO Online Interview: What will NEO Give European Players?
As an interesting fantasy game, NEO has made good achievements in its operation in USA. It's so wise of OGPlanet to introduce the game to Europe. Today, we are so glad that Kyomin from OGPlanet can take......more >>
N.E.O Online Renamed Aila Online Announced OBT in Japan
YNK Japan announced that its newest MMORPG AILA Online (short for Another Ideal Life Adventure) would launch the open beta test in Japan from April 22nd....more >>

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N.E.O Online - Battle Interface & Village Surroundings
Posted 01-31-2010 | 15,506 views

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Pet Forest Celebrates Christmas in a New Way with Special Events
Pet Forest has launched a special in-game event for this holiday season. The event is titled as "A Dark Christmas Eve" and based on a scenario that is different from traditional stories. What would you......more >>

Pet Forest has a wide popularity in Asia for more than 8 Million players have enjoyed the game already. Finally the game now comes to English version and is scheduled for worldwide release at 7:00 PM, March 17th (PST). As being Facebook's first real-time MMORPG game, Pet Forest provides not only Facebook member login, but also includes PlayOMG, MySpace and Yahoo member login, which makes it easier to play the game without being annoyed by different accounts.

Azuga: Age of Chaos: Adventure in Two Different Worlds
Auzga: Age of Chaos, a free fantasy MMORPG that carries you into an alternate past mixing martial arts, magic, and robotics, launched its official site at a global game portal today and will......more >>

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Azuga: Age of Chaos - Beginning Movie
Posted 07-01-2009 | 21,791 views

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