• GTX Titan X
    GTX Titan X

    During Nvidia's yesterday night GDC press conference, they brought us a bit of a surprise: "Shield" console, GTX Titan X and so on. We've sort out all the details about Nvidia's event at GDC 2015, hope it can help you learn more about Nvidia's latest products.

  • CryEngine

    As the GDC 2015 rolls on, many companies have shown us a lot of amazing new techs. And game engines seem to be one of the biggest news at GDC this year. As we've reported yesterday, Unity, Epic and Valve have announced that their new engines will be free of charge. Together with them, Crytek have also released their product showcase trailer to show off the capabilities of their CryEngine.

  • Source 2
    Source 2

    This 2015 GDC not only brings the new VR tech to us, but also bring big surprises to game developers. Today Valve has officially announced that their Source 2 engine will be available for free to content developers.

  • Project Morpheu
    Project Morpheu

    In the second day of GDC 2015 in Moscone Center, Sony has announced that their virtue reality headset Project Morpheu will be launched in first half of 2016. As we can see that a VR evolution is entering the gaming industry.

  • VR HMD
    VR HMD

    Recently, Nvidia announced that they will reveal new VR HMD next week and share it at GDC 2015. The 2015 GDC is set to be a huge week for the VR (virtual reality) industry

  • SteamVR

    According to a Steam blog post, Valve will unveil the demos of the refined Steam Controller, new living room devices, and a previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system at the 2015 Game Developers Conference.

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