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More Blizzard Games Have been Canceled
More Beauties
Lineage II cosplay
Here is the latest Lineage II cosplay show. Enjoy it.......
CS super hot cosplay
Counter Strike is an extremely popular FPS game around the world, not only boys like the game,but also many girls fond of it..
WOW blood elf cosplay
Here are the cosplays for the new race in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, blood elf. Enjoy it....
TGS 2006 sexy cosplay show
The general overview of the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2006," will be held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Japan) from September 22 (Fri.) through September 24 (Sun.), 2006. And many sexy cosplay appears on the show, which attracted many players? come around and enjoy.
Asian beauty Nigh Elf Cosplay
Needless to say her cosplay for these Night Elf huntress are gorgeous, and filled the smells of Asian beauty. Let's enjoy....
Hottest Shaiya real model
Cosplay performance is always one of the highlights at ChinaJoy. Among all the cosplay shows at this yea' ChinaJoy, Shaiya must be the most eye-catching.
DoA: Distinctive Peeping Show
Some DoA fans make several distinctive screenshots, maybe it´s a peeping show in DoA. We collected these pics for you, just for fun. lol.
Alluring Female Characters in WoW
What do you think about female characters in World of Warcraft? Are they beautiful or pretty? We got some fan arts anbout WoW female characters such as blood elf and night elf. These fan arts original from wowchina. Please enjoy.
Granado Espada: Distinctive Fan Arts
We have got some distinctive fan arts of Granado Espada. These fan arts are from Asian Granado Espada players. Please enjoy.
Cute Negligees in Pangya
Recently, some new items added in Japanese MMORPG Pangya. In the game, female characters can wear new white negligees and cute maid dresses now.
Virtual Beauty vs. Real Beauty
Every age has an ideal beauty. With the development of digital technology, more and more virtual beauties are catching our eyes.
Even though many virtual girls are produced based on real girls, they have more perfect faces and nicer statures. For example, Yuna, Tiffa, Kasumi, Christie, Ayane, and etc. And many gamers would like to choose them as their dream lover.
But on the contrary, there are still many gamers who prefer real beauties to be their dream lover, since virtual beauties only exist in virtual world. No matter how pretty or sexy they are, you can't touch her, or hold her hands or have any real relationship with her.
So, who do you like better, virtual beauties or real beauties? And why?
Poll:Which one is more beautiful, real or virtual?
real beauty
virtual beauty
The Real Hot Girls
The Virtual Sexy Girls
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