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  • Legend of Edda

    PVP MMO, with a deceivingly cute interface. It will enter beta later this fall.

    1885 votes

  • Aika Global

    They want Aika to unlike others, they don't want it to be a heavy game.

    1304 votes

  • Vindictus

    Vindictus has been launched Open Beta in September, Will you vote for it?

    571 votes


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Company of Heroes Online

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Final Fantasy XIV

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Kabod Online

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Kitsu Saga

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Legend of Edda

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Legendary Champions

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Maestia Online

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Writer's Choice

  • “Now let's focus on what Guild Wars 2 will give us over the First Guild Wars…”
    1. Improved game engine, this will mean enhanced visuals and animations, also add the usage of the Havok physics system.

    2. The gameplay will be outstanding as the first one, but injected with steroids.

    3. New playable races, (bye bye to the old crap of Guild Wars only have Human). One other thing, the Asuran, Charr and Sylvari are Copyright races of Arenanet and NCSoft, so you wont see those races in any other game, believe me when I tell you that this races have originality, they are not humans with other names, like Martians!.. lol humans born in Mars! What a new race lol!

    Posted by Benjamin

    September 8th, 2010

  • "I would recommend Star Trek Online for anyone who is looking for a different kind of MMO to play, and certainly any Star Trek fan out there."
    It started out having a bad reputation, but the developers have made major improvements since then and it's a fun game. While the content is a little on the light side, they are adding more on a regular basis, especially with the recent introduction of weekly "Feature Episodes." These Feature Episodes have a great storyline and feature lots of little touches that fans of the game and the Star Trek universe will love. You can pick up the game for only $20, and that includes a month of playtime, so it's not even a lot of money to give it a try.

    Posted by Cecil Adkins

    September 10th, 2010

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  • Faxion Online

    Aug. 26th, 2010

    Now the new company UTV True Games announces its first MMO title, Faxion Online. According to UTV True Games, Faxion Online will be an action MMORPG that focuses on PvP and territory control. Moreover, players won't get bored in the game since it will minimize the grind and leveling parts.

  • Legendary Champions

    Sep. 5th, 2010

    Legendary Champions is a fantasy MMORPG which draws from many sources of culture to create a vast world filled with epic characters. Players will ally themselves with one of two factions and collect an army of heroes to aid them in solo quests and PvP battlefields, including DotA-style challenges with the game's larger-than-life heroes.

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