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Kim Hakkyu
Kim Hakkyu is reputed as "father to Korean online games". He used to be the lead developer for RO (Ragnarok Online), a MMORPG which conquered gamers throughout Asia.

The name of "Kim Hakkyu" is like a renowned Hollywood director in the US film industry. Any game made by him indicates success and is trustworthy. Granado Espada has attracted a lot of players attention, which thanks largely to Kim Hakkyu. As a saying goes "Food and fodder go before the troops and horses", long before it is unveiled, Granado Espada was regarded as an epic works equal to Lineage II. Its showcase shocked the whole Korean gaming industry and evoked resounding response.

In 2002, upon the completion of RO development, Kim Hakkyu resigned from Gravity and established his own company IMCgames. From then on he started to conceive Granado Espada. Kim Hakkyu said, the reason RO was designed in a cartoon and fantasy style is because it was restricted by the original works. Granado Espada is a game of his dream. When he was still a child, Kim Hakkyu took a liking to Maya Culture and ancient civilization of Inca Empire. Colonists’ looting Maya and Inca will be embodied in Granado Espada. However, in consideration of the sensitiveness of political issues, there will be not much description of imperialism and democracism.

Company & Latest Game

Company: IMC Games

Latest Game: Granado Espada  ( Official Site     Video )

Granado Espada, produced by Hak Kyu Kim known as the Creator of RAGNAROK, published by HanbitSoft, is an unique MMORPG containing "multi character control system (MCC)" based on 17th century of Europe.
Granado Espada offers party play system which brings good old fun of old PC RPGs through Multi Character Control (MCC) and NPC Party System. MCC system, supported by well thought out path-finding and NPC AI enables beginners to control 3 characters at the same time.

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