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KeyWord: stargate Date: 11-12-2007
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Stargate Worlds is an MMO-RPG, based on the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis TV series, with playable areas based on historical & fictional human time periods, alien environments, and outer space locations.




MMOsite.com: At first, can you update us on the development progress of Stargate Worlds? How have you been preparing for its beta testing? Believe many Stargate fans can#DY#t wait to start their journey in Stargate Worlds.



Ans: First of all, thanks for the opportunity to write to your many loyal readers. Stargate Worlds is in full production and we are rapidly approaching our beta test phases. We haven#DY#t committed to a date for our closed and open betas yet because there#DY#s still work to be done. As we get closer to the beta, we#DY#ll be putting together contests through great sites like MMOSite.com, so keep your eyes open here and on our community website, www.StargateWorlds.com for updates.



MMOsite.com: Is Stargate Worlds a game with a skill-based progression or a level-based progression?



Ans: Stargate Worlds will be a level-based game with a highly detailed skill system that players can use to personalize and differentiate their character from everyone else. For example, the Goa#DY#uld have several options for skill paths, including the classic Goa#DY#uld with minions, the stealth-oriented Ashrak and a combat-oriented Goa#DY#uld.



MMOsite.com: How many races and classes can we expect in Stargate Online? And how will the character advancement system work?



Ans: Players will be able to choose from seven archetypes based on the characters from the series. These options include the human Scientist, Soldier, Archeologist and Commando, Free Jaffa and Asgard on the "light" side and the same human archetypes, Loyal Jaffa and Goa#DY#uld on the "dark" side. We haven#DY#t disclosed the names of the two factions, but we will make that announcement soon enough.



Character advancement will be familiar to MMORPG gamers and will involve gaining experience for completing quests and activities in the game. We are trying to get rid of the grind by making the path from level one to level cap relatively short. That said, maxed out characters will have plenty of game play options and we also believe that players will want to experience the story from the perspective of other archetypes.



MMOsite.com: Can we see an entire and unique Technology Tree in Stargate Worlds?



Ans: Yes! In fact, there will be several unique technology trees in Stargate Worlds. Characters will be able to explore the technology of the humans, the Asgard, Goa#DY#uld and the ancients as they work their way through the game.



MMOsite.com: Are all the quests based on the Stargate storyline? Can you highlight some of them to us?



Ans: Stargate Worlds lives in the Stargate universe, but we#DY#re not trying to retell the story of SG-1. We want to give players a chance to become the heroes of their own show by giving them new challenges and perspectives that can only be provided in an MMORPg. 




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