The Saga began!
KeyWord: interview, Saga Date: 10-11-2007
Summary: Are you looking for the next generation of RTS? Are you tired of playing stand-alone battles that do not build toward a greater goal? Come in Saga, your empire will exist permanently online!


SAGA is a new Massively-Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy(MMORTS) game from Wahoo Studios. Now we have an opportunity to interview with Jason Faller, the executive producer for Saga. He give us more info about the game! What led you to produce this game? Or what#DY#s the story behind the project? What have you encountered in terms of difficulties in creating the game?

Jason Faller: I suppose the simple answer is that I set out to make my dream online Real-time Strategy Game. I wanted a persistent world battle system that allowed you to build an empire in the most massive large-scale war existing online. Finally, I wanted to do away with subscription fees and find some other revenue model. We went with the collectible model, mixing aspects from collectible games such as Magic the Gathering and Warhammer. Players get a basic set of troops with the Saga game, and can purchase booster packs or just use in-game gold to buy new troops and spells. It allows players to pay as much or as little as they want to, and we#DY#re having great success with the model so far. We#DY#re getting closer every day to my dream game... As for difficulties, it#DY#s taken us longer than we had hoped, but well worth the time. Can you make a basic introduction to Saga? In overview, what type of game is Saga like? What kind of gamer will find Saga to be appealing?

Jason Faller: Players are looking for the next generation of RTS, which is now being called MMORTS. The RTS genre hasn#DY#t fundamentally changed in fifteen years. Players are tired of playing stand-alone battles that don#DY#t build toward a greater goal, they want what MMOs have to offer: PERSISTENCY. In Saga, your empire exists permanently online. Your lands, your peasants, your cities and fortifications, and your economy all continue to exist and function even while you#DY#re offline. Players join guilds and fight wars PvP, or team up with friends to do heroic quests online. What MMO brought to RPG games, Saga is bringing to RTS. In short, anyone looking for the next step in RTS or anyone who loves collectible gaming will find Saga appealing. Rather than charge subscription fees, in Saga players can buy booster packs of troops to gain larger armies faster. Otherwise, Saga will be free to play as long as you want. What are your plans to keep both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game vibrant in the long term?

Jason Faller: The PvP side of Saga is constantly being upgraded, and will continue to reward players who enjoy the thrill of battling live opponents online. "spoiler!" A world conflict system where land and other scarcities are battled over in a constant massive war of factions is in development, and will enhance PvP greatly.

The questing system is being completely redone. Quests will be delivered in the form of storylines, As players progress through the story they will get meet tougher opponents and find greater rewards. Towards the end of each quest line player will find bosses that may require assistance from other brave leaders to defeat. Players will of course be able to go back and replay any of the missions they defeated that they enjoyed. The AI improvements we have planned will increase the realism and challenge of quests, and the much wider variety of trigger events will enhance the storyline immensely. A lot of content will be ongoingly introduced as the Saga storyline develops and deepens.

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