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KeyWord: PlaneShift, interview Date: 10-07-2007
Summary: PlaneShift interview with Luca Pancallo, Director of PlaneShift

PlaneShift is a role playing game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is full free to play. Now we have an opportunity to interview with Luca Pancallo, Director of PlaneShift. He tells us more information about the game. Also he brings us his picture. First thank for taking our interview. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers? How are things going with PlaneShift recently?

Luca: A warm welcome to all your readers, I#DY#m Luca Pancallo, Director of PlaneShift a free 3d fantasy mmorpg in development. I#DY#m the founder and original creator of PlaneShift. My main responsibility in the team are the coordination of all departments (setting, engine, 2d, 3d, rules, music, PR) and the creation of the missing pieces for each release. I developed most of the tools we use to convert our character and monster models into the game and I work a lot in the 3d department, for rigging, weight and animation. Let#DY#s say I do a bit of everything when it#DY#s needed to make the team progress.

This project differs from many other games at least for two aspects: 1) our team is completely made by volunteers and RPG enthusiasts, there is no money involved in the creation of PlaneShift and our company is a non-profit organization 2) we decided to have the community of players participate to the early stages of development. Everyone is welcome to join our game, even if today it#DY#s not yet a finished product, but still under heavy development. The beauty of this is players can really be part of the evolution of the game and participate in shaping their future, contributing ideas. On the other hand, many players are unhappy because they join our game with the wrong expectation of a finished product and they find a world that still lacks the deepness and quality of commercial games. Overall, I suggest everyone try it, keeping in mind its status as under development. Having said this, I want to highlight that PlaneShift is a very enjoyable game even if still under development, we have thousands of dedicated players, which enjoy our virtual world every day. The last two updates you released are really great. Can you say something about the new faction system in PlaneShift?

Luca: Since the beginning of the project, we wanted to have a system that could express the affiliations and beliefs of a character, registering his actions to have a series of indicators of his alignment. In the last release, we finally put some part of this idea in practice, adding to the character sheet the factions rating. A character can gain faction points today by making decisions on which NPC to help. Can be a good or evil NPC, or a priest of one gods, or can be part of a guild, like merchants or artisans, etc... Any of those registers as a faction rating in the game. Now we are building this database of factions and exposing this to the player, but we are not yet using the data, as we will in the next releases. The idea is to use this data to unlock certain quests or certain dialogues with NPCs. If you go to a trainer to learn alchemy, he will check your faction standings, if your factions are in line with his he will allow you to train. He will answer differently to your questions, and will reveal only certain sections of his knowledge. This system is intended to have the players make decisions, and building up the personality of their character in a roleplaying sense, based on their actions. It#DY#s like the old alignment of D&D but expanded in dozens of directions and affiliations.

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