RO2 Interview With Carlo of Level Up! Games
KeyWord: RO2,interview Date: 07-16-2007
Summary: Ragnarok Online 2 is the sequel to well known Ragnarok Online. There are many improvements upon the game, as to be expected with any sequel. Some pains and hassles delt with in the past have been corrected for more enjoyable and fluid gameplay. To start, can you basically introduce yourself and your company?

Carlo: I am Carlo "Wauks" Ople, the Ragnarok 2 Brand Manager. I work for Level-up Games, the leading online gaming company in the Philippines. Level-up has several multi-awarded and successful games in their portfolio: Ragnarok, Fly for Fun, Pangya, RF Online, Freestyle, ROSE, Khan, Silkroad, Perfect World, and of course, Ragnarok 2. Just give us an overview of RO2.

Carlo: Ragnarok is actually the game that built the online gaming industry here in the Philippines. No other game can even come close to the success that Ragnarok has achieved. Ragnarok 2 will be the next big thing, and it will definitely take the country by storm! We have so many plans to promote RO2 and other companies are willing to support us when we finally launch the game sometime late this year.

The story of Ragnarok 2 takes place just right after the first game. Basically Midgard is left in shambles and the Normans (Humans) flee to another continent wherein the meet the small elf-like creatures, the Ellr. As the years go by, some humans become violent and a bloody encounter takes place and the Ellr are forced to leave the continent. They go to their real home, the Life Tree, but the tree is dead. Saddened, the Ellr move back into the continent where they left the Normans. Another race also surfaces – the Dimago. Half-demons that have been sleeping for centuries but they are suddenly awoken for no reason.

As you can see, other than ground breaking game features, RO2 also has a rich and deep storyline which will definitely affect game play and will enrich the over-all gaming experience. As we know, RO2 is the sequel to RO. So how do you compare RO2 with its predecessor? What improvements have been made in RO2?

Carlo: There have been a lot of improvements for RO2. The characters, animation, and environment are now fully 3D and they are simply breathtaking. Other than the graphics, Gravity is also going to introduce a lot of new game features such as the complex job system and the personal legend weapon. There are so many things to do and I am sure that everyone will have one hell of an adventure when they visit Midgard once again come Ragnarok 2. RO2 has a very unique weapon system. The novice weapon itself can gain experience and level. Can you give us a little more idea on how it works?

Carlo: Basically everyone will get one personal legend weapon. It is your first weapon and you can actually name it. It gains experience and it gets stronger when you use it more and when you get other items to upgrade it.

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