Trickster Online Interview
KeyWord: to,interview Date: 03-19-2007
Summary: Trickster Online Interview and 5 exclusive screenshots.

Trickster Online Interview with Eugene Kim, the main executive producer of TO team,he also brought us some exclusive screenshots which feature characters are 3rd Job Characters of Trickster Online which has not been released in English Trickster Online. Could you start by giving us a bit of background about yourself and your team? Why did you decide to work on Trickster Online?

Eugene Kim: First of all, it is a pleasure to have an interview with and I hope that my answers will be both entertaining and informative to not only those that currently play Trickster Online but to everyone in general that is reading this interview right now.

Let me start off by introducing myself. I am the producer and director of Trickster Online.  I have been in charge of creating Trickster Online from the very beginning, and now, most recently when I moved to Ntreev USA. At Ntreev USA I serve as the C.O.O. Ntreev USA was established in the fall of 2006, and facilitates the localization, Support, QA, Community management, development of future localized content for the English release Trickster Online.

Trickster Online s development started in 2001 in Korea, which has now grown to a staff of over 40 members.  They each specialize in developing Trickster Online from all aspects of game design, graphics, and background illustrations to every small part of the game you can think of. Trickster has been released in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand and the USA. It has been nominated and awarded as one of the top online PC games in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

I ve always enjoyed playing games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and other classic RPG s. As I was playing those games as a gamer, I was fascinated by the heart pounding experience where I became totally immersed in their worlds.  As online RPG games started showing up with the advancement in computer technology, I was able to feel the presence of the community, however at the same time I felt very isolated from the game due to the competitive nature of online games which forced me to mindlessly grind monsters and quests for hours and hours.

I started designing Trickster Online with the warmth and heart-pounding experience of console RPG s in mind to create that sense of being a part of the game in the world where real people interact with each other, instead of mindlessly competing. How would you summarize TO? Is there anything differentiating TO from other MMORPGs?

Eugene Kim: Trickster Online not only sports some of the best 2D graphics ever created for both PC and console platforms, but at the same time, it offers many new elements and twists that separate it from most other MMORPG titles out there. For instance, the unique Drill System lets players utilize a drill to dig various quest items and equipments from just about anywhere in the world and offers an alternative to the ordinary "beat the monster to get something"  pattern of grinding. We also have a Card Battle system, which is probably somewhat self explanatory and again, offers a new aspect outside of grinding, where players can match their skills against one another. And of course, there is My Camp which lets you share your own private space in Trickster, which can be customized, personalized and decorated to show your creativity, with friends and other Players as well as to help build a true community, instead of a competition ring.

Lastly, Trickster Online, along with the above mentioned alternative ways to enjoy the game is also packaged with a robust and in-depth RPG system, and an immersive overall storyline called Episode Quests.

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