Rhodes 3D Interview with Glenn Linde
KeyWord: Rhodes 3D,Interview Date: 12-03-2006
Summary: An interview with Glenn Linde, the leading member of Rhodes 3D team.

Rhodes 3D is a new MMORPG. Recently, MMOsite had an interview with Glenn Linde, the leading member of Rhodes 3D team. He told us more about the game.

Glenn Linde(left) & Mathew Mullen

MMOsite.com: Would you care to introduce yourself? How many people are working on this project and what are some of their previous credits?

Glenn Linde:
My name is Glenn Linde. I?m from  Melbourne, Australia and have been working on the MMORPG Rhodes 3D for a few years. I am responsible for all aspects of the game including programming, 3D modelling, animations, texturing and scripting. My previous experience related to computer game writing is modelling systems at CSIRO (Australia?s main research laboratory). 

Another person who is involved with Rhodes 3D Mathew Mullen (aka Asloluteman from USA) who is learning scripting and Flash. He is had no previous game writing experience. 

Another person who has helped with Rhodes 3D is Alex Virtanen (aka Giroi from Finland) who did a few 3D animations a few months ago. 

MMOsite.com: For the players are not familiar with your game, could you tell me what kind of game are you creating?

Glenn Linde: Rhodes 3D is an online MMORPG that is a historical recreation of Lindos, Rhodes in 1521 at the time when the Knights of St John controlled the island. It is the period just before Suleiman and his 100,000 strong muslim army are about to invade. Suleiman is going to invade some time this month so the Knights of St John are a bit edgy.

MMOsite.com: What are the key characteristics that differentiate it from other online offerings with persistent characters?

Glenn Linde: Rhodes 3D is more of a simulation as opposed to a fantasy game. The game is based upon historical records of the time and uses satellite data for terrains and also town plans for the street layout of Lindos and also a detailed architectural map of the Lindos Acropolis. There is also weather and night and day. Unlike most MMORPG s Rhodes 3D uses a real economy based upon the ?Loans and Standard model? allowing for player ownership of businesses, houses and a banking system. Also rather than cartoon like textures as you might see in World of Warcraft, textures are from tourist photographs of Lindos. This means when you see a wall in Rhodes 3D is from a real wall from Lindos. Actors faces are from real photographs and are mainly be my friends from real life.

Another difference is that Rhodes 3D is scripted which allows developers to create new objects (eg swords), characters and rooms while the game is running. 

MMOsite.com: In overview, how would you describe the gameworld? Are there different types of areas?

Glenn Linde: The game is medieval themed game based around 1521. Lindos is a hot town and when its sunny Rhodes 3D has a hot atmosphere. Lindos is also surrounded by a bay so Lindos has marine feel to it. Other areas include the interior of the island Rhodes which is mainly made up of scrubby areas. Theres also the main town of Lindos and its long narrow streets. It is a very maze like town and tourists get lost in real life. There is also the Acropolis which was built by the ancient Greeks and is/was used by the Knights of St John as a fortress.

MMOsite.com: How do weapons, armors and other items function within Rhone 3D? How are they obtained, and are there rare or unique ones? Do they wear and break? Are many bound to your avatar?

Glenn Linde: Rhodes 3D has many of the typical items you d find in MMORPG?s such as weapons, armour and food. Theres also quest items like whiskey, work implements and rare items like books and musical instruments.

Weapons and armour wear and break though they can be repaired at a smithy. None of the weapons or armour are bound to an avatar.

MMOsite.com: How does magic function in Rhone 3D? What types are there? How are spells acquired, and does casting them require mana, runes, reagents or anything similar?

Glenn Linde: Since Rhodes 3D is historically accurate there is no magic or spells. Currently I?m developing a new MMORPG game that is more traditional and will include magic, guilds and cults.

MMOsite.com: What major challenges did you encounter while developing Rhone 3D?

Glenn Linde: As the only developer on Rhodes 3D there is never enough hours in the day to complete as much as I would like to. Its a lot of fun adding new features to Rhodes 3D but fixing bugs can be dreary especially when its for weeks on end. The biggest challenge of all is funding. Currently I work part time to continue developing Rhodes 3D.

MMOsite.com: What age group and diversity of people is the game aimed at?

Glenn Linde: The game is designed for people over 12 years old. The game includes combat for those that enjoy hacking and slashing. It also has plenty of areas to explore for those that are interested in seeing Lindos as it was in 1521. It also has a gaming house so is fun for those that like to gamble.

MMOsite.com: What games or ideas have influenced your work?

Glenn Linde: I am a fan of the text based multi user dungeons (muds) and enjoy Quake when it came out. Back in 1997 I had an idea to create a game would combine a text based mud with Quake. Many other people obviously had the same idea and I guess they are what you would call MMORPG?s.  The games that have influenced Rhodes 3D are the old text based muds, Quake and Second Life.

MMOsite.com: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Glenn Linde: Suleiman the magnificent will arrive in Lindos in the next month so people should be prepared. Lots of blood will be spilled! The Knights of St John will need all the help they can get.

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