Tibia Interview
KeyWord: Tibia, CipSoft Date: 11-03-2006
Summary: An interview for Tibia, a free fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game.

Tibia is a free fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Take the role of a valorous adventurer and explore a mysterious world filled with magic and bravery! Meet up with people from all over the world to live through a whole new game experience!

I am glad to have a talk with , one of the founders and executive officers of CipSoft GmbH. Following is the interview questions for Tibia:

MMOsite.com: Before getting into the centre of the questions, would you care to introduce yourself and talk something about your company first?

 First of all, thank you for the kind interview! My name is  and I am one of the founders and executive officers of CipSoft GmbH. My main task at the company is to manage the development and operation of the MMORPG Tibia.

CipSoft GmbH is an independent developer and publisher of online games for various platforms. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Regensburg, Germany. The developer s main focus is on online games as well as on games for mobile phones. About 30 employees work on the continuous advancement of the existing products as well as on planned new releases.

One interesting fact about us founders is that we already worked on our first online game Tibia long before we founded the company. Actually, we started at the end of 1996 while  studying at university. Not only we finished our studies with success but also our project Tibia developed very well. Therefore we decided to make our beloved hobby to our job.

MMOsite.com: To the people who are not familiar with Tibia, can you give a brief view of Tibia in your own words?

 Tibia is one of the oldest and most successful online role playing games developed in Europe. At present, more than 350.000 players from all over the world inhabit the medieval fantasy world of Tibia. There are currently 72 game servers located in the USA and in Germany.

All readers of MMOsite.com are surely familiar with typical fantasy MMORPGs. Of course, Tibia offers character development with e.g. levels and skills, you can collect items, do quests, hunt monsters and explore a huge game world. Therefore, I will straight jump to the interesting main differences of Tibia.

You can join this great game very easy. The game client is available as free download on the official website (www.tibia.com). Tibia can be played free of charge as a matter of principle. However, your free account can be upgraded anytime to a Premium Account. Prices are from 4.99 Euro to 6.65 Euro per month depending on the duration of the selected Premium Account. Advantages of Premium Accounts include the access to special game areas and new spells as well as further special features relating to the game. For example you can get your own house in the game and decorate it according to your wishes.

Besides the sophisticated chat tools it is especially the unique freedom players enjoy in Tibia. One reason for this enormously immersive gaming experience is that the world of Tibia is very dynamic. Also, trading and competing with players (e.g. PvP) is very important in Tibia. Guilds, group hunting of boss monsters and many other features weld together the community. To sum up, in Tibia you triumph or die beside your friends, something our players really love!

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