Crusade Interview With David Allen
KeyWord: crusade, quest, interview Date: 10-11-2006
Summary: Our pursuit of knowledge brought us to developer Quest Online where co-founder and CEO David Allen answered some questions about Crusade.

MMOsite editor Shine had a talk with David Allen, the CEO of Quest Online. He answered some questions about the skill system and something else about Crusade. The Study System in Crusade is much like that in EVE, which takes place in real time and can be trained offline, how did this idea come out and how does it differentiate from the EVE system?

David Allen: Our goal was to create a hybrid skill system that rewarded players not only for their actions, but for how long they have played the character.  We also wanted to develop a system that was more friendly to casual gamers, and create a mechanism by which the casual gamer could compete with the power gamer.  Studies accomplish exactly that.  While the traditional level-based solutions offer a firm "base" for existing MMOGs, they are very limiting; addressing that limit without going "too far" was important, which is why we still have a derived "power level" that players can relate to in addition to the dynamic skill progression through use.  While a power gamer can go in and build their character’s skills up much more quickly than a casual gamer, the power gamer is still just as restricted by the real-time study system as the casual gamer, so a casual gamer who has a character that is 1 year old but can only play 10 hours a week, can have studies that no power gamer can achieve with less than 1 year of play, hardcore or not.  Do not worry power gamers; the skill system will still let you shine for your accomplishments! How many types of abilities can players study in Crusade? How can players study those abilities? Are there any restrictions on studying and using them? What will influence the study time?

David Allen: Skills relate to actual actions that players can carry out (such as central strike, fireball, etc.) and studies relate to the bonuses that can be achieved through "background learning".  While all skills may not have actions (such as the skill to use Leather armor), all actions require skills.  When you execute a "rib stab" in CRUSADE, the actual "rib stab" skill increases, and grows in power the more you use it, resulting in more damage.  This allows for players to keep many base actions without having to throw them out a month after play.

Certain skills may require certain prerequisite skills or studies in order to learn. Right now, all skills and studies are taught through books.  If a new player wants to learn how to harvest ore, they go to the general skill vendor and purchase a book on how to harvest ore.  They then use that book and can now utilize their Ore Harvesting skill. Say a new guardian player wants to advance their swordsmanship abilities.  They may buy an "Advanced Guide to Swords", but it may require a pre-existing skill of 20 in swordsmanship.  Studies can also require other studies to learn as well.  A player may wish to study advanced ore harvesting, and it may require level 3 basic ore harvesting before they can learn it.

As for study time adjustments, we will have some basic "study learning" systems put in place that can accelerate the studying process.

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