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KeyWord: Benign Date: 06-27-2006
Summary: Recently mmosite conducted an interview with Granite,who is working on a MMORPG named Benign. Anyone who is interested in the game can visit and join the discussion about the game.

Recently mmosite conducted an interview with Granite,who is working on a MMORPG named Benign. Anyone who is interested in the game can visit and join the discussion about the game.

MMOsite: To start, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Granite: My addiction to the game development world came in 2002, when I was searching around for random fan made RPG?s. I stumbled across a 2D online RPG named Jerrath, and immediately I was addicted to online gaming. After a while though I decided that the game had to many problems in it with Corrupt admins and faulty mods. One day I found out about Playerworlds the software used to create the game. So in August of 2002 I started Benign Online. It has had ups and downs over the past 4 years with plenty of history. Now it is in development again except this time being programmed from scratch, with no premade engines.

MMOsite: Is this game a Fantasy MMORPG?

Granite: Fantasy/Economically, the background story will be written by the players. Basically the players will learn the basics on an island, then they set sail for the mainland to venture out and explore uncharted areas, then players can build villages, and outposts and their own homes. The players will have to gather enough materials for building and clean out so many NPC?s monsters before putting a village on a plot of land.

MMOsite: Can you tell me the class system of the game?

Granite: The Class system will be sorta complicated, I will have the players start out as villagers as their class, as a villagers they learn the way of the game, do little quests to unlock all the beginner class?s which there will be four. The basic, Warrior, Theif, Wizard and Preist, but they will also be named differently to create some originallity. When Players leave their island and go to the Main Land, They can pick a spot to put their Hut. They will already have the raw materials and skill to build a hut, what they learn after that is up to them.

MMOsite: Hut?

Granite: The Hut will play an interesting part, because unlike other games, when you log out your character will not disappear from the world but stay inside, asleep. So if you do not go to your hut, or a shelter or Inn, then there is a possibility you might get attacked by someone or a wild animal

MMOsite: What about the skills, how do you design the skill system?

Granite: There will be Two Type of Skills, Job Skills and Trade Skills. About Job Skills, you will have a Job Level, and I know that it might seem like I am ripping off Ragnarok Online, but where my Job level system will be different, it won?t level up with experience gained. Lets take a warrior for instance, some warriors can do quests to protect travelers and such, they gain experience for leading the travelers to their destination and get paid. Everytime a warrior kills an enemy while performing this job of Protection successfully, he gains job experience.

MMOsite: What benefits can players get from the high job level? 

Granite: Unlocking More Advance Jobs, the job level gets higher and the stats get raised, and jobs stats will help out with the Trade Skills, the Trade Skills system will have sorta like a leveling system, but each trade skill will have its own level. When player lives on the island he learns basic trade skills and masters them easily, like Fire Building, Hunting, and such.Basic?s to survive on their own.

Then when they get to the main Land, they can learn all the Trade skills they want, but they have to work on advancing their trade skills, like someone has to work their way to be a great fisherman, or a cook, or whatever they want to do. The reason they need trade skill?s and Jobs is because they gotta make a living, cause money will never be dropped by monsters. They will make their money by selling to other players, and shops.

MMOsite: Jobs stats will help out with the Trade Skills? How does it work? 

Granite: Yes let?s say you have a warriors job level at 36, he has some good strength and physical build, a good radeskill job for him would be mining, that way he can use his strength and be more sucessful at mining. He can hit the rocks harder and get stuff more quickly. So kinda certain jobs will help certain Trade Skills.Now also, when someone wants to try another profession of Trade skills, like alchemy, a good job for alchemy would be a Mage, or Preist, since they have high Intelligance.

MMOsite: What about the quest system?Any random quests?

Granite: Players can create their own quests, and have others perform those quest for them, like lets say Jim, The cook wants to cook a lobster stew, but is doesn?t want to go to the beach, or doesn?t have enough fishing Tradeskill level, he goes to the quest board, post the quest, puts in a reward (money or item or something) and puts what he needs and what quanity.

MMOsite: What is the purpose of playing this game?

Granite: Basically let the players create their own story inside the game. Do what they want to do, be what they want to be.If a player wants to be a killer and hunt many animals and go on quests and such, he can.If someone wants to become a money maker they can build up a business inside the game, and be a money maker in the game. If someone wants to be a mayor, he can try to run a village.

MMOsite: Any difficulties in designing the game now?

Granite: Well, one thing is getting distracted, it is easy to get distracted so you have to realized and say to youself alot, " Even though I would like to level up my rouge in WoW, I have to get this done and make sure I prioritize.

The Second thing is finding a lot of help. Luckily I got lucky with an old mapper who use to help out with an earlier version of Benign. He has advanced in programming so he joined on as programmer for Benign. At the time we decided to go from scratch with the game, that way we can put what we want in it.

The 3rd problem is seeking graphic artist, it is hard.

And finally is having those people that try to get you down and make you seem like your not going to succeed.But with that I already know that its thanks to the people don?t want me to succeed that I continue to try to do this project, cause I know that end I will be satisfied with what I done.

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