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Company Interview

[10-04] WildStar's Interview With Carbine Studios - Talks PvE, PvP and More
WildStar ESP bring us an exclusive interview with Carbine Studios Senior Community manager, David "Scooter" Bass, and the EU/UK Community Manager, Mark "Anlath" Hulmes. Some of the most important questions for WildStar were asked in the interview. Take a look at the questions and the answers below....

[11-16] Darkfall Creative Lead Interview Talks about Art and Changes
Yesterday Darkfall: Unholy Wars announced that the launch date had been pushed back to December, and today Creative Lead Adam Oikonomopoulos sat down for a new developer diary chat about the change in art direction for the game and why it was necessary. While not completely abandoning the old style, the devs have enhanced and expanded on the artistic appearance of the game. Check out the video below for all the details....

[04-17] MMOSite Interview for the Post-apocalyptic MMO Grimlands
The Fallout MMO may never see the light of day but fortunately, we have Grimlands, the latest post-apocalyptic MMORPG shooter from Gamigo. Today we are very glad to have an exclusive interview with Gamigo, talking about some unique features Grimlands has....

[03-25] Spirit Tales Interview: PvP, Boss Pet Eggs and Differences with EE
How was designing Spirit Tales different from Eden Eternal? Eden Eternal is more focused on class design and utilizes the traditional "Tank-and-Spank" model. For Spirit Tales however, we wanted to provide players with more in-game freedom and an overall relaxing, player-oriented gameplay experience....

[03-10] MMOSite Interview for Eligium - The Chosen One
This week, DoubleIcaras, one of our writer club members, has a chance to have an exclusive interview with Nils, the English and French community manager for Eligium ā€“ The Chosen One, which is published by Frogster Entertainment and has just entered open beta on February 15th....

[03-07] Spirit Tales Interview
The interview with the Spirit Tales Community Manager for KoramGame's US office tells you all you want to know including the differences between Spirit Tales and Glory Destiny and what can we expect in the Closed Beta....

[10-21] MMOSite Interview for Rusty Hearts
Rusty Hearts is a highly-stylized, hack nā€™ slash brawler combined with a solo or team-based dungeon exploration experience. Each of the unique characters have their own backstory, set of unique weapons, combo skills and masteries that help them raid dungeons together....

[09-24] MMOsite Interview on LEGO Universe's Free-to-play Mode
We recently had the pleasure to have an interview with the creators of LEGO Universe which recently went free-to-play. I wanted to personally thank them for taking the time to do so....

[08-06] Unlimited Detail: Interview with the Aussie Tech Company Euclideon
To try and give a little more insight into Unlimited Detail, I had the chance to interview the Aussie Tech Company and I hope this sheds a little more light on some of the concerns amongst the community....

[11-08] Interview: Former Nexon Employee Lays Down Shooter MMO Brawl Busters
Today, we bring you an interview about the new action game - Brawl Busters developed by Korea-based SkainGlobe. The representative of SkainGlobe has talked about the process of making Brawl Busters and its release plan....
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