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Perfect World A subsidiary of Perfect World Beijing, Perfect World Entertainment is a leader in publishing and operating massively multiplayer online games. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Foster City, Calif., Perfect World Entertainment is bringing the pinnacle of online gaming to North American and international audiences.
Perfect World Entertainment offers all their games free-to-play, operating the microtransaction business model. All players can download, access and play the games for free and can later purchase non-essential game enhancements like character customization or convenience items.


Perfect World International is Celebrating 7 Year Anniversary
PWI's 7 Year Anniversary is this month and to celebrate, Perfect World is running in-game events and giveaways throughout the rest of September... >>more
Posted Wed Sep 16 22:44:35 2015
Riptide Update for PWI: Eclipse Available Now
Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced that the Riptide Update for PWI is now live for all players. New updates include the Star Chart system.... >>more
Posted Thu Aug 20 00:04:22 2015
MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile Pre-registration Is Now Available
For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Forsaken World Mobile is the mobile adaptation of Fedeen Games' PC-based MMORPG of the same name. Players can select from five playable classes: Warrior, Assassin, Kindred, Mage, and Cleric.... >>more
Posted Mon Jun 01 04:25:01 2015

Kung Foo! News | Features | Classes | Story | Video | Screenshots

Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment wants to exclusively invite you to take a sneak peek at Kung Foo!, an MMO that puts the FU in FUN! As the first MMO to come into self awareness, Kung Foo! has no qualms in making fun of other MMOs, taking their lunch money and then dating their sister.

Kung Foo! Videos

Kung Foo! - CB2 Play Video
Kung Foo! - CB2 Play Video
Tue Feb 23 02:01:33 2010

Kung Foo! Images

Forsaken WorldNews |Features | Classes | Story | Video | Screenshots

Forsaken World

In Forsaken World, a fantasy world called Grand Mundo is created. The game features exciting elements such as Rule of Time, Rule of Space, Magic and Divinity.

Forsaken World Videos

Forsaken World - Nightfall Teaser Trailer
Forsaken World - Nightfall Teaser Trailer
Tue Feb 21 02:04:35 2012

Forsaken World Images

Battle of the ImmortalsNews |Features | Classes | Story | Video | Screenshots

Kung Foo!

Battle of the Immortals is one of the first titles developed by PWE's sub development studio in Shanghai while a majority of PWE's former games are come from their studio in Beijing, China.

Battle of the Immortals Videos

Battle of the Immortals - 1.8 Content Update Trailer
Battle of the Immortals - 1.8 Content Update Trailer
Wed Nov 03 17:42:19 2010

Battle of the Immortals Images