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9you (www.9you.com) is China's leading game developer / operator of Interactive Entertainment Community V2.0 and the appointed operator of 2010 Shanghai World Expo online community games.

9you took the lead in achieving integration of many new online features in this era such as music and dance simulation games, sports simulation games, fighting games action simulation, racing simulation game, multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), virtual training, community-created contents sharing , commercial business, social networking, blogging and other web services into a brand new platform named Interactive Entertainment Community Lifestyle V2.0 (Interactive Community 2.0).

Product profile:

This was created with the aim for Chinese around the world to enjoy a premium high quality one-stop interactive entertainment service.

       Since its establishment, 9you has adapted a unified account business model allowing it's customers to enjoy the experience of "SAME"(Single Account, Multiple E-contents) & "FEEL" (First Experience, Expense Later) operation mode. This business model has gain immerse popularity ever since.

       9you also break new grounds through multiple major marketing activities recently such as sponsoring popular reality show "Let’s Shake It" and investing in TV series "Dancer" written by renowned author, Mr. Hai Yan. Its in-house developed MMOG "Super Dancer Online" has been licensed out for operations in over 42 overseas territories.

       The total 9you subscribers as of end of Feb '09 is over 380 million with a record holding million concurrent users online at the same time! The official website "www.9you.com" is one of the highest traffic online game portals in mainland China.

Monster Forest Online News | System Requirement | Unique Features | Pet Character Class | Pet Evolution Details

Monster Forest Online

Monster Forest Online 2 is a full-3D, cute-styled, pet-themed MMORPG. Set on the Lyberno Plain (translated) of marvelous adventures and wars, the game is framed by a unique adventurous racing system and a mass pet advancement system, and integrates a brand-new skill-item system in the company of manor development and commercial business. Thousands of quests are made available during gameplay with various thoughtful settings attached as well, striving to bring players a romantic, warm, lovely and relaxing feel.

Monster Forest Online Images

Dungeon Heroes Online News | Official Site

Dungeon Heroes Online is the first self-developed 3D side-scrolling action game in China, which can give players the action gaming fun common in the arcade games. Set in a fantastic world consisting of human, elves, dwarves and dragons, Dungeon & Heroes tells a complex story driven by survival and glory. The game integrates the knight and church cultures in the medieval Europe, as well as the delicate oriental humanism elements. While focusing on gameplay, Dungeon Heroes Online also lays stress on the interaction among players, thus allowing players to experience challenges, reach achievements, and enjoy exotic cultures and vivid human relations.

Dungeon Heroes Online - Trailer

Butterfly Sword Online News | Official Site

As an exclusive project adapted from the famous work of the martial arts novel master – Gu Long, Butterfly Sword Online was developed by using Unreal Engine 3, which is the most excellent 3D game engine in the current market. It presents the audience with an amazingly vivid martial arts world, which features extremely high-quality, delicate graphics and lighting & shadow effects. Various in-game systems, both interesting and creative, are also made open to players, including the colorful equipment crafting system, skill system and instance system and the mass PvP system.

Butterfly Sword Online

Highlight: The game is an exclusive project adapted from the famous work of the martial arts novel master – Gu Long, and was developed by using Unreal Engine 3, which is the most excellent 3D game engine in the current market.

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Weapons of the Gods News | Classes | Preview | Official Site

Weapons of the Gods is a fantasy martial arts MMORPG, whose art style, scenes and characters are strictly faithful to the original work with the same name. With the integration of numerous exciting battles and plots featured in the original, and under the help of Unreal Engine 3, the game is endowed with impressively excellent graphics. Weapons of the Gods is adapted from the typical work of Tony Wong (a well-known cartoonist in Hong Kong), which is also named "Weapons of the Gods".

Weapons of the Gods

Highlight: The game is adapted from the typical work of Tony Wong (a well-known cartoonist in Hong Kong), which is also named "Weapons of the Gods", and was developed by using Unreal Engine 3.

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Super Dancer Online Gamezone | Official Site

In Super Dancer Online, you can enjoy not only the current most popular music but also some typical old songs. Besides, the unique weight losing system and the interesting features like calorie calculation in the game will also make your character’s figure vary with your gaming time, and inform you of the calories you’ve burned through online dancing, thus enabling you to keep fit, lose weight and gain happiness during gameplay.

Super Dancer Online - Xtreme: Trailer

Burst A Fever Official Site

Burst A Fever is a mix of music and gameplay, and will bring players an unprecedentedly uplifting feel. Players will be able to have an immersed sense no matter in terms of solo shows or band performances.

Burst A Fever

Gtown Super Dancer Online RPV Official Site

With the application of the brand-new 3D game engine – Gamebryo, Gtown Super Dancer Online RPV features more delicate motions, and its vivid 3D scenes bring players a strong visual impact. With the soul of the original maintained and more new features added, the game enables players to customize their characters’ make-up and clothes, cultivate stars, decorate the 3D apartment, create videos and experience the arena, etc. What’s more, players can also enjoy rhythmic music and freely switch between dynamic scenes in the game. The new version of Gtown Super Dancer Online RPV even introduces a voice system, which strengthens the interaction among players, and updates the music, mode and items, striving to present itself as a more brilliant next-gen online community game.

Highlight: The game allows players to make clothes and items on their own and sell them for money.

Gtown Super Dancer Online RPV

Crazy Speed Online Official Site

Crazy Speed Online, an online 3D car racing game self-developed by 9you, showcases impressive cars and tracks, emulates real cars’ physical performance, calculates the car damage accurately, features amazing car crash effects and brings players more exciting racing fun. The car modification system offers hundreds of component combinations for vehicle upgrade, and the decoration system offers thousands of kinds of sticker and color spraying. Players are able to create their own shining cars, and choose between different gameplay contents like racing and drifting.

Highlight: Details in the game are rendered physically and vividly, including the cars (like those we see in real life) and the car damages caused by crashes.

Crazy Speed Online

Extreme Basketball Official Site

To make players able to fully show their personalities, Extreme Basketball provides a powerful character creation system. Specifically, the initial 3 classes can grow to many more by means of the basketball star cards. Different star cards will endow players with different capabilities and skills. The player collects the star cards standing for different capabilities, and strives to become a brilliant basketball star with a unique playing style. Excellent players in each season will be selected and rewarded in accordance with their respective data.

Highlight: The initial 3 classes can grow to many more by means of the basketball star cards. Different star cards will endow players with different capabilities and skills.

Extreme Basketball

Extreme Sports Online Official Site

Extreme Sports Online, a casual racing game, pays attention to the promotion of the extreme sports culture and shows different modern life styles. The gorgeous skills, cool graffiti, personalized and stylish clothes and ornaments, challenging and interesting matches, and extremely trendy hip-hop elements will well satisfy the extreme sports enthusiasts’ demands for freedom, personality, challenge and fashion.

Extreme Sports Online


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