TERA Approaches 2 Million Players in North Ameria

Posted on Jun 13 2013

Massively is reporting that TERA has now surpassed 2 million active players in North America, which is a jump from the 1.4 million En Masse revealed in March of 2013. En Masse used E3 as a platform to trumpet the title's success following its free-to-play conversion as well as TERA's upcoming summer content.



"We're nearing two million people playing the game, which is exciting since we're North America only," an En Masse rep said. While the rep didn't define just how active a player had to be to be included in the number, this count is certainly higher than the 1.4 million count back in March. The reps said that the game's playerbase is even larger if you factor in the entire world, where TERA has gone free in pretty much every territory it's entered.


With the game's first anniversary in the rear-view mirror, En Masse has turned its attention to bringing out a couple of meaty updates the hot summer months.



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