The Repopulation: Monthly Patch Notes for April 1st Edition

Posted on Apr 02 2013

It was a very productive month in March.  The team enjoyed some R&R in our annual Las Vegas team week and after a lot of thought decided we needed to make some substancial changes to the core design of the game. We hope you enjoy these new and creative changes we came up with.


  • Added a track with Fran Drescher singing the 'Song that never ends'
  • Added 15 new animal sounds to the game; due to budget constraints these are mostly natural body function sounds with the audio channels tweaked. We should not of put all of that kickstarter money on black.
  • An in-game voice server will be implemented to allow players to communicate with nearby players, or players within their group or nation. In order to save on bandwidth, all voice transmissions will be processed through The Repopulation's clientside SMRTSPEAK system, which sends only the first syllable of each word to the other player.  The receiving player's SMRTSPEAK system then predicts what the initial player intended to say and fills in the blanks.
  • While Romulans will be an independent faction, Stahl explained that these captains will choose to ally with either the Federation or Klingons for the purposes of storylines, PvP, and starbases.

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