gPotato Europe Shows The Fascinating World Of Wuxia In Age Of Wulin

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Gala Networks Europe is excited to share some in-depth details about its upcoming Martial Arts MMORPG title, Age of Wulin. In this much anticipated game, where during a final phase of Chinese Close Beta Tests over 500,000 players registered in one day and four more servers were launched to keep up with demand, players will have a chance to dive into an astonishing world inspired by over 2000 years of Chinese legends, Wuxia culture and Kung-Fu lore. Developed over a period of more than four years and based on one of the best MMO game engine technologies, Age of Wulin is set to deliver a completely new and innovative Chinese martial-arts MMORPG experience.

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin opens the door to the amazing world of Wuxia fiction, a vital component that provides a background for players' journey throughout the game. Featuring stories that consist of countless adventures about heroes who are bound by a code of chivalry, Age of Wulin will also include villains who will use their best skills to gain an advantage. This will reflect on the players' decisions when choosing which of the eight schools they wish to master the skills of. Players are offered a wide range of skills to learn from, ranging from combat with staffs, swords, hand-to-hand and many more. The player's freedom to master the art of Kung-Fu in thier own way and the challenge to test it against others is what makes Age of Wulin extraordinary.

Age of Wulin

With a historically accurate background, Age of Wulin sets its story in the early years of the Ming Dynasty when China's martial arts culture was at its peak and the martial arts world was in full bloom. The game is set around the machinations of the first Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, who in order to become invincible, secretly sends his Royal Guards to find The Nine Yin Scrolls. These scrolls are the best martial arts manual within the rebellious and increasingly powerful Jianghu ('rivers and lakes') martial arts community inside the Wuxia universe.

Age of Wulin

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