Guild Wars 2 - Three New Structured PvP Maps!

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So ArenaNet have mentioned time and again that while there are currently only two maps available there are two more in development. They also only feature 1 game mode currently and that is conquest.

Two teams of five players are matched up against each other. The objective is to be the first team to reach 500 points. Points are awarded through holding capture points and kills. There are 3 capture points on the map, and when captured, each location grants one point every two seconds. Each player kill grants five points. If neither team reaches 500 points, the team with the most points will be declared the winner after the 15 minute time limit. The average time for a game is 8-13 minutes, depending on the balance of the teams contesting.


Every Conquest map has 3 capturable objectives and 'something' unique about the map.

In Forest Of Nifihel NPC monsters spawn after the game begins in the north-western and north-eastern corner. Defeating them grants your team 40 points and a short-time buff.

In Battle of Kyhlo each team has access to a trebuchet which can bombard any enemy or area on the battlefield. Even though it can deal damage to enemy players and cause knockback to players who get caught in the area of effect, it is more likely to be used to destroy buildings and objects in your way. This can help create easier access routes to capture points from a team's base, or to provide additional routes to flank the opposing team. It can also be used to destroy your enemy's trebuchet, which essentially denies its use by the opposing team. When this happens; a repair kit will spawn in that team's base, which must be brought out to and used on the trebuchet in order to repair it and make it functional again.


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