Guild Wars 2: Jumping Puzzle - A Leap of Fate

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So there is a dungeon in the eternal battlegrounds. You may be thinking; "What? A dungeon in World vs. World vs. World? How does that even begin to work?" Well, fellow speculative reader, I'll tell you how! It involves a lot of jumping and a lot of rage. It goes without saying that I came across this by accident while in W3 and happened fall into it. (It's a well by a keep) I was amazed! An underground door, which attackers can break into to (so the server who owns the keep aren't the only people who can get in) which doesn't even begin to explain the difficulty of this puzzle.

Jumping Puzzle

You get into the area and it's an enormous cavern of sorts that is incredibly tall and is full of interesting views. Just walking in you get a sense of scale of this task and there is a purple diamond in the middle shining a light way, way up in the formation of rocks. Obviously to me, this means I have to get up there! I check around the diamond for any other clues and see you can activate it; interesting to say the least. It shines a light to my left, an entrance to a tunnel.

The tunnel is, unusual to get too. Walking along cliffs and shimmying across rocks, this has definitely not been in another MMORPG; it feels more like a dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. I walk into the tunnel and see dragon like statues on the wall, I seem to be too far taken in by this before I realize they start spitting out fire and I fall down a hole. "What the hell!" I basically cried. It turns out that within this 'dungeon' there are traps other plays can operate to make the puzzle 10x harder for everyone else. Pretty fun for those using the traps, enraging for those who are not. I got right back up, dodge rolled past the fire and found a secret hole in the wall which leads to a series of obscure paths and formations. The map is huge and I spent so much time looking up and around me I wasn't exactly sure where to go, after about 20 minutes of exploring, realizing that I was going the wrong way, I made my way to a tunnel going up.

Jumping Puzzle

This tunnel had thin planks of wood you had to walk along and up. Jumping to the next one is a worrying task, but amazingly I managed to make it up the whole thing where I was so high up it was a little intimidating. Falling now would mean my death and restarting. I was focused.

The next 'puzzle' is a series of jumps spaced so far apart unless you jump perfectly you fall. After a couple of times, this would be no trouble if it wasn't for a player-run spike trap across the middle platform which damages you and slows you so you either die, fall and die, or won't make it to the next jump. A LOT of people died here, I mean a lot. The easiest way to do it was to use speed buffs to get people across and due to the frustration this puzzled caused it meant our server had a lot of comradery . People reviving the fallen and speed boosting people across, it was nice. Unfortunately there were not many of the other server; I was playing on Desolation and we had destroyed the opposition so they were stuck in spawn for most of the beta weekend event and I doubt many got to try the jumping puzzle, a shame; but that's how W3 goes!

Jumping Puzzle

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