Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend Event 2 Overview

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So beta weekend 2 is over, the third 'public' event where ArenaNet have show cased their game and allowed the public to rampage throughout the world of Tyria, killing players, bosses and saving towns. Of course, beta is still beta; there are bugs everywhere and some things that don't work, but it's a polished beta, as most people are concerned, in a beta stage the game feels more polished and has more content than other MMORPG's that have been out for years.


But what exactly has changed since BWE1 or the last stress test? Well, there is the extensive patch notes list, but the additions are what we're focusing on here. The Gem store is no longer called the Gem store, it's now 'owned' by the Black Lion Trading Company which keeps with the immersive RPG feel and makes it feel less 'cash shop' and more something you can choose to buy with gold, but have alternative options available also.


Probably the biggest and most time consuming change for me, was the 'dungeon' inside W3 I use the word dungeon lightly, because it's more like a platforming level of death which is frustrating and heartbreaking. Inside every keep is a portal to a new and hidden area of the Eternal Battlegrounds in which there is a diamond which shines a light up to a high location. Obviously you need to get there, but how? It's full of twists and traps and is very frustrating.


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