Guild Wars 2: You Can Level up to 80 without Killing a Thing

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Have you ever thought that you can level up your character to the max level by just crafting? It sounds impossible because crafting seems just an add-on profession in most MMOs. Well, it now can be achieved in Guild Wars 2 as ArenaNet designer Linsey Murdock stated in a recent forum post, players will be able to level it all the way to 80 without killing a thing but crafting.


According to Murdock, it works like this: "For leveling a discipline from 0-400, you will gain 10 levels along the way. By maxing out all 8 disciplines, you will gain 80 levels. That means you could dedicate a character to crafting, feed it all the mats you get on other characters and level it all the way to 80 without ever needing to kill a thing. As hardcore crafters, we think that is pretty cool."


Many players shared their concern about that. Some players thought this will turn Guild Wars 2 into a P2W game since players can pay real money for gems and exchange the gems into gold and then buy all the crafting ingredients to level the character to 80. Others thought it is definitely not P2W although it increases the leveling speed. It provides another option for those crafting enthusiasts and this system will finally reward all their hard work and dedication. What do you say? Welcome to comment below.

Source: Guild Wars 2 beta forums



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