Action MMORPG RaiderZ (KR) to Kick off OBT on July 5th

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Neowiz Games today announced that its action MMORPG RaiderZ is to kick off its OBT on July 5 in South Korea. The brand new contents including dinner system, performing system and transformation system etc. are added into the test. In addition, the European and NA version of RaiderZ is also expected to carry out its first test in the third quarter of this year.

RaiderZ E3 2012 Trailer

RaiderZ is developed by the independent development company MAIET Entertainment for five years and it employs not-targeting attack. As an action MMORPG, RaiderZ mainly values combat and uplifting PVP. The in-game epic BOSS with high AI design is one of the most distinctive features. Bosses can grab players to throw or to bite. There are even subtle action performances hardly seen in current RPGs, which maximizes the action feature of the game. Besides, characters are capable of quick moves like running, evading and defending.


There are three points for players to experience repeatedly. Firstly, the special instances (3 special instances will be unveiled in the OBT): players can upgrade their equipment by raiding these special instances. Secondly, the PVP system: players can buy relevant items used in PVP only when they win in PVP. Thirdly, challenger's quests: it is a system that allows players to use strategies to defeat higher level BOSSes.

When RaiderZ was first announced, some players even believed the action features in it were somewhat similar to those in Monster Hunter.



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