Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend Event 1 PvP Overview

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As many of you already know, the first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend (April 27th-29th) where ArenaNet allowed everyone who pre-purchased the game to roam free in their game had been concluded. The content allowed was a small portion of the personal story, levels up to level 30, World vs. World, Structured PvP and the never before seen; Lions Arch a trading city which is both visually stunning and has lots going on.

World vs. World: Basic Tower Capture

I myself spent most of my weekend playing in the WvWvW system, to an almost unhealthy degree. As a level one character, I went straight into "W3" we'll call it from now on, and spent a good 10 hours straight participating with my guild which was an insane amount of fun. It was the crazy epic PvP fun of a 'once a week' castle siege or territory war other games have, but all day, every day.


I'll break W3 down for you, it's 3 servers pit against each other(thus W3), for two whole weeks. Who you're matched up against will change every two weeks, which means if you lost your first match up, you'll be pit against others who also lost to try find balance and fun in PvP, I also expect there to be a ladder for W3 so if you're winning you can predict who you'll be fighting, what guilds that server has etc. W3 tests guilds as communities and servers as a whole to work together. If you're selfish, refuse to help others or ignore key objectives, you will drag your server down. Every player counts in this game mode which is why it's less balanced, but more fun in a sense. A veteran group of 10 players can defend a keep from a whole guild of 50 players if they co-operate effectively and communicate. In W3 everything is ruled by 1 resource, supply.


Supply is a resource that comes from supply camps, the easiest point to capture. Every 25 minutes or so, they will send out supply caravans which are very weak and require guarding. They will stop of at keeps and towers and give them supply, to repair doors and walls, or perhaps to build upgrades like cannons, or boiling tar pots or more guards. Supply rules everything. But it doesn't just effect the defenders, supply is also required to build siege weapons which without them, you arn't breaking into any keeps. Siege weapons add a very fun and strange twist to W3 which has never been done 'effectively' in other MMO's. You can quickly set up battering rams and get everyone to dump their supply in it and smash the door down; of course the defenders could build an arrow cart and rain death from above.

The interesting twist on supply is that you can only carry 10 points of supply at a time, which is why it requires team work. Siege weapons can take anywhere from 50 supply to 200. Doors are healed by how much supply you have, so the more people fixing the door, the better. Obviously you need to go to a supply point, or a keep which has had supply delivered to it to get any, so capturing a supply point before taking a keep is one of the most logical plans you can make.


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