Guild Wars 2 - Personal Story, Truly Personal?

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I'm a PvP gamer. I don't read quest text, I just kill the monsters, hand it in, get the loot so I can PvP so you can imagine it was unusual for me to actually feel compelled to read the text, to not skip past cut-scenes and to genuinely be interested. Guild Wars as far as its lore goes has always been very well written, but Guild Wars 1 did not ever engage me to really listen to the story, Guild Wars 2 on the other hand drops you in the story and gets you interested right away.


Something I was very sceptical about until this beta weekend was how a person story could truly be personal, it sounded like an offline story in an online world... that worried me. Guild Wars 1 was very much like that and I did not want a repeat of that. GW1 was fun for some people, not for me. You spent a very large amount of time alone or with bots wondering large landscapes with not much happening and mobs ready to make your life a living hell. I'm happy to say Guild Wars 2, is nothing like it's younger brother.

The personal story is based on the story quests that happen around you that everyone else is doing (obviously this part of the story will be the same for everyone) but then at climatic points and quite frequently, you can choose to go into a personal story segment in which you go to an instinct and the whole world is set up for you, you can have friends join you in your story but it's your story and you can decide how you deal with things, will you use your charm and persuade them into doing your bidding? Or will you kill all of them and not have a problem?


These are the kind of choices and events that happen within the personal story and while each race has a different story, within one race there can be very many different things that happen to you based on your choices. If you're an RPG fan (Bioware fan boys/girls come to mind) then you'll love GW2 purely for its story if not anything else, and believe me you'll love everything else.

I feel like Arena Net has truly been inspired by what makes a good story and they've nailed it down to the core. We play the story not only to be a part of it, but to have an impact on it and that's just what Guild Wars 2 does. You ARE the hero. You make the choices and it actually affects the game and that's absolutely mind blowing. People will talk to you different, you'll be able to charm people that before seemed un-charmable and the small little 'silly' options you picked at the beginning won't seem so silly when it appears in a big way on your story, sort of like the feeling when you realize why a film is titled the same way, it hits you like that.


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