Consoles Are Dead, Firefall Developer Believes

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Mark Kern, former World of Warcraft lead and now the CEO of Red 5 Studios who creates Firefall, recently told Eurogamer in an interview that "something has to change. Consoles, I believe, are dead."


Kern believes free-to-play model gives developers more room to assure players with more innovative gameplay experiences than those console publishers who are risk-averse. "We should be competing on the strength of our ideas and the fun of our gameplay, not the IP, or the license behind the title, or the size of the marketing push." Kern said.

Kern listed two symptoms to prove that consoles are "broken". One is that there is no middle ground anymore and the other is after every game launches, there would be a "wave of lay-offs" shortly after. Kern thought it's just unsustainable.

Therefore, it's normal for Kern to draw a depressing picture for the future of home consoles. "It takes billions of dollars of investment to create a console and then you have to milk it for five to seven years in order to get your money back," he stated.


"I think the model is broken. You keep making these bigger and bigger bets and what that forces you to do is play it safer and safer. And if you play it safer and safer with your gameplay, people will get tired of the crap you're serving. When that happens, they get bored and they will leave. And you haven't fostered any of the middle ground innovation and new ideas that you need to tap into next."

Well, as you can guess Kern has no plans to bring Firefall to consoles. "Why would we? I don't see that [platform holders] see how free-to-play can fit into their model and the fact that they're royalty revenue share is not set up to take advantage of these types of games, "There's no incentive for me to be on console. I'm more interested in getting onto the Mac OS or even iOS in some form. That's what's more interesting to me." Kern explained.


Source: Eurogamer

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