Guild Wars 2 - Is it Just a WoW Clone?

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To answer your question right in the first sentence, no it is not.

Currently in gaming there is a stigma that any game that tries to be successful, or any game ever created ever that uses 'hotkey's will be a WoW clone, but how did we come to this? How did some people become so blinded by the words "World of Warcraft" that they brand the whole genre with this name?


I'll tell you this, World of Warcraft is without a doubt, the #1 best MMORPG from a business point of view for a lot of players, WoW didn't do it for them, they didn't agree with patches, didn't like the 'Warcraft' story, or simply disagree with the Pay-to-play mode, but the pure fact of the matter is that in the past, pay2play was the only viable model for AAA MMORPG's. We live in a future where free to play is a huge market and I'm glad it's finally hitting some company's minds, but I'll get straight on to the point. Why do people think Guild Wars 2 will be a WoW clone?

wow sexy mage

Whether you loved WoW, or hated it- Guild Wars 2 is nothing like anything released at the moment. It uses the 'hotkey' function, however plays more like an action MMORPG or an fps. Skills will be cast whenever you hit the key for it, but you're not in range, that skill simply isn't going to hit a target. Your arrow will fall short, your fireball will fizzle out, or your sword will simply not connect with its target. While Guild Wars 2 does, yes have 80 levels- levels do not work in this game how you would imagine. Yes they are a measure of progression, but progression continues well past 80, through skills, your own understanding of your character and weapons and armour. Guild Wars 2 completely dropped the 'level to max and then raid' end-game. Dungeons are thrown at you throughout your story experience and currently there are no raids in the game. However, there is 'raid difficulty content' happening all throughout the word, all of the time. You might follow a chain of dynamic events that simply start with helping a group of rangers deal with say, baby drakes that are burning everything and those baby dragons call their gigantic mother which will take multiple people to deal with.


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