Guild Wars 2: We're in It to Win It This Time, Says ArenaNet

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Mike O'Brien, ArenaNet's founder, recently chatted with Forbes's contributor stating his high expectations about Guild Wars 2. After 5 years of development and long wait, Guild Wars 2 is finally coming to a close with its first public beta test this weekend.


"We're in it to win it this time," said O'Brien. "We were number two to World of Warcraft with Guild Wars, now we want to beat them. We'll be satisfied when the Guild Wars 2 is the most successful MMO."

Speaking of 'WoW-killer', Guild Wars 2 used to be crowned with that title even when the game hasn't come out yet. As for that slogan, O'Brien expressed his own opinion "nothing is going to kill WoW other than WoW. Games just don't die. But do gamers think we've seen the most popular online game we've ever seen and we'll never see something more popular than that? I don't think so. One MMO has been on the top of the heap for seven years now, but there's been a progression in the industry for other games being able to attract more and more players. And we're set to climb to the top."


O'Brien said ArenaNet has already had a long time plan regarding the exciting game updates and expansions for years to come, though the official release date is still a secret.

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