Fighters Club Preview: The Online Version of Tekken

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Many classical FTGs such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Tekken once made each game hall overcrowded during the times of arcade games. However, the game halls become less and less with the increase of Internet cafes. Thus we gamers cannot enjoy FTGs together with friends just near our houses any longer. Nevertheless, how about fighting online at our own computers to enjoy more fun? Let's take a look at Fighters Club, a new action MORPG title under development by Korea-based KOG.

Fighters Club - Teaser Trailer

1. Psywar--Biggest Fun of FTGs

Fighters Club has the same combat system with Tekken, of which, there are five kinds of attacks in the game, including upper, middle, lower, grab and unblockable. Block includes normal block and knocking off. So the psywar occurs between the gamer and the opponent, for example, you can make your enemy squat by lower attack and throw him to the sky with middle attack, and then you can enjoy the juggles with combos.

Fighters Club

2. Side-scrolling Combat System

Just similar to Tekken, you cannot attack your enemy if you are not in a same axis for Fighters Club adopts side-scrolling combat system. Thus, you must well control the distance to attack and guard during the combat.

Fighters Club

3. Gorgeous Air Combos and Knocking

The fun of Tekken is to inflict combos over the enemy in the air and trample on the one at the ground. Each character of Fighters Club can inflict various juggles which will greatly attract the gamers.

Fighters Club

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