Why Guild Wars 2 E-sport Scene is Going To Explode

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Guild Wars 2 is set to release this year and there is a lot of talk of e-sports and potential leagues being set up and I know quite a few people who are very confused and say things like "WoW was never a BIG e-sport, why will GW2 be?" so yes, while I understand Arena Net are not the giants that Blizzard are, I feel like Guild Wars 2 will have an e-sport scene as big as that of games like Counter Strike and League of Legends. Why? Because it's on a set playing field with no advantages. World of Warcraft is and will always be unbalanced because of the amount of classes and skills.


Guild Wars 2 is immune from this 'infection' that kills the e-sport scene. You have a small amount of skills (but enough to choose from to make competitive scenario's grow) everyone is on a set playing field and it's a brand new game that EVERYONE is able to participate in, no matter what level.


I expect to see teams rising very quickly and I hope that they have a laddering system in-game to push players further and further. That is probably the biggest thing about GW2 that many people haven't seen, while it caters to many of the 'less hardcore' players it also caters to the competitive player who is in the game purely for PvP. If you crave for mass PvP, you have WvW if you want to be competitive and work on your 5v5 you can grab a team and hot-join a game. It's that simple. Any game with a competitive system built in like that (for example League of Legends ranked, or Starcraft 2's leagues) is bound to at least make a splash in the e-sport scene, if not explode. I don't think it'll ever be bigger than Starcraft II but I think it'll make it up there and become a popular attraction at LAN events around the world.


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