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The Fallout MMO may never see the light of day but fortunately, we have Grimlands, the latest post-apocalyptic MMORPG shooter from Gamigo. Today we are very glad to have an exclusive interview with Gamigo, talking about some unique features Grimlands has.

1. Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Björn Cahnbley and I work at gamigo as product manager for the game Grimlands!

2. How would you describe Grimlands to someone who has never heard about it before?

To the older generation it could simply be described as a game in a "Mad Max" setting.

In general terms, we have a game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where resources are scarce and the primary goal for the world's remaining inhabitants is survival. In this setting it is your goal to forge clans and alliances with likeminded people. These clans and alliances will be able to create their own settlements and even cities later on.


You are responsible for the creation of any gear yourself, which is why crafting plays a very prominent role in Grimlands as well. The gameplay itself is a unique mixture of FPS gameplay combined with the features of your usual MMO game. This provides the player with the "best of both worlds": on the one hand, you have a full fledged shooter experience, on the other hand you have the persistent game world, where you will steadily progress with all the features like an auction house, clans, banks, dungeons, raids, PvP and much more.

3. Grimlands looks rather interesting, a mix of MMO and FPS. How did you come up with the idea of developing such a game? How is that concept embodied in the actual game world?

We had the idea of mixing the two genres, because we believe that many players out there play shooters as well as MMOs. But there has yet to be a game that manages to merge those two together. This is what we want to achieve with Grimlands. We provide the shooter experience on the one hand and all the features of a common MMO - like a persistent game world, player interaction and character development - on the other hand.

In the game players will fight in either the third or first person view they are familiar with from various FPS games. When it comes to interaction with the world, the game handles like a normal MMO game, where the players can use and equip items, develop character skills, trade with players and so on.


4. Grimlands features an open world gameplay. Could you explain to us what "open world" means in the game? What can players expect from the game?

When we talk about an "open world" we really mean this literally. In Grimlands the players will be able to experience the game in a borderless world without instances. This means that you will be able to travel through the world without reaching artificial borders somewhere. You will also find very few instance contents in Grimlands. The only part of the game that is really instanced are the dungeons, which need to be instanced from a design perspective. Everything else in the game is ONE world without instances, different zones or channels.

5. I understand the game has a dynamic world which can be influenced by the players' actions. Can you please give us more detail?

The interaction with world objectives plays a huge role in Grimlands. Throughout the world, the players can find certain objectives, which can be taken over by clans. When taken over, these objectives provide an area of influence for the owning clan. In this area, the specific bonus of the objective applies to every member of the clan. These bonuses can be an increased chance to hit, more damage, more health, etc., but can also be crafting-related bonuses like an increased success chance while crafting or more resources from scavenging.

When a clan is able to capture another objective close to the first one, the areas of influence merge and create a new area in which both bonuses are in effect. This area can be increased even further by taking more objectives nearby, to create an even bigger area of influence for a single clan. This means there is a constant change regarding the influential areas throughout the world of Grimlands.


The world objectives' bigger brothers are player-controlled towns. Unlike the smaller world objectives, towns not only provide a single bonus, but a multitude of different bonuses. In addition, the towns not only provide the bonuses in a certain area around the town, but the bonuses provided by towns are global. The next important fact about player-controlled towns is that they are upgradeable. When a town is first captured, all the town facilities are in their initial state, which means they only provide minor bonuses. Once the clan collects a certain amount of resources throughout the world, buildings can be upgraded. Buildings have a bonus linked to them; the clan's choice for upgrading a building thus determines which bonus will be increased. For example, level 1 medical facilities provide a 5% HP increase; at level 2, this value rises to 7.5%. This way the clan can decide which buildings to upgrade first, depending on what they deem to be most important.

The amount of player-controlled towns will be limited, which should allow for a constant struggle to either get hold of a town, or to defend the town controlled by your clan.

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