My Hopes and Fears for World vs. World in Guild Wars 2

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I'm a bit of a PvP nut. It's why I got into the MMORPG genre because there's nothing quite satisfying than putting the character you worked hard to develop vs. Someone else's character they have put time and effort in developing. So obviously if you put my favourite activity in MMO's and my most anticipated MMORPG of the century, you have me thinking up plans and crazy idea's before the game is even released!


When I first heard about WvWvW I was pretty worried. Anything other than 2 factions is usually just a gimmick and I've seen countless PvP MMORPG's try this before and burn to the ground with imbalance and just all of the things that don't quite add up. Thankfully ArenaNet have built the game from the ground up with all of their features in mind which puts a lot of my cynicism to the side. For those of you who don't know that much about World combat, it is basically 3 servers pitted against each other in a constant battle that you may hot-join or leave as you please for two whole weeks. That's right, in some games an event like this happens once a month for 2 hours, or something similar, non-stop hot-joinable action forever and it resets every 2 weeks. If you lose because you were matched up against a server more active or with more ‘hardcore' guilds, you'll be paired against the losers of the other match ups for the next two weeks, so you'll slowly be put into a bracket that your server can handle and then if your server grows, you can climb back up and show everyone that your server is the best server.


I'll talk about my hopes first and move onto my fears. WvW has the potential to be an amazing form of un-managed chaos for guilds to show of some crazy organization (or lack there off) and strut their stuff. I really love siege wars and the like and to have a place that is always open that I can gather up my guild and go destroy castles, well you've sold me there. Stuff Anet haven't spoken about that I really hope to see is something like Server rankings (points based on placing etc) this would be really nice so you could join the underdog servers and carry them up, or see if you're fighting that rival server again. PvP is all about rivalry so I hope you get to see the server names you're against so you can call them out on forums, be excited to fight them again, etc otherwise all we have to go on is simply a guild tag which can be more than confusing at times.


What really worries me about WvW is if the novelty will wear off, if there becomes an easy mode strategy that ruins the element of planning and organization and just lets people zerg around with little to no idea at all of what they're doing. One step that fixed this is that the game isn't even out yet and they added the Squad element which is something I was confused why was not in the game already. I really hope more systems to be added in the future that encourage organized cooperation like maybe an alliance chat or something similar.

As long as WvW is balanced and patched regularly (like I hope they will do with the entirety of the game) I'm sure none of my fears will become something to push me away from the game and I can join the Eternal Battlegrounds and PvP for well, eternity.


Can't wait to see you guys out there.

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