More Perfect Games Make More Foolish Players?

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One day, I tried two early Final Fantasy games again on PSP in my spare time, and they drove me round the bend from time to time. "How can I find the place with such clues?", "Oh, shit! I come across monsters that are stronger than me by dozens of levels after I take only 2 wrong steps." "Is there a prompt telling me what I should do now? The clue could not be followed up." Finally, I had to quit. It is hard to imagine how could I played the game happily on Famicom years ago, after all, I couldn't understand Japanese at all. Do I become foolish after I have played games for many years?

Final Fantasy

Frankly, current games are made more and more perfect than the past ones. Their considerate newbie tutorials help newcomers get familiar to various game controls quickly, improved quest prompts enable players to find obvious marks on the map during the whole process from accepting, doing to submitting quests. Perfect quest logs and NPC messages can be opened anywhere anytime to let players know what should do and how to do. Everything is perfect, so I wonder if we play games or we are just robots that can only do corresponding actions according to orders.


The development of MMOs embodies the "Perfect Evolvement" thoroughly. The former EverQuest players may still remember that cruel but interesting world. Without maps, players could only judge their positions based on surroundings, or distinguish directions by practicing directional skills or throwing weapons. The terrible death punishment could deprive you of everything as a result of a reasonless exploration. You had no idea who would give you quests, and how to active and complete quests. In a word, you have to explore the game world on your own and communicate with others to achieve the goal. However, all things are perfected now.


When you get into a strange dungeon, you will receive a system notice, saying what kind of players is fit for there. When you come to an unknown area, the map will automatically update the positions of key NPCs. No matter what you do, NPCs will tell you what regions are suitable for you to level up. Moreover, the system will remind you how to use and how to produce the best effect after you learn a new skill. Everything just looks too perfect...

Nevertheless, do we really need these improvements? Yeah, improvements are indispensable, but excess improvement will reduce players' exploration and thinking space and make the game become boring. The key to keeping balance is that games should be perfected in accordance with players' preferences. Right? Feel free to comment below and let us know your opinions.

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