FireFall: Shooting Star or Flaming Fail

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Finally the time has come for the developers of Red 5 Studios to release the Beta of FireFall from the NDA. During the madness that was PAX East thousands of fans were able to join in and play this amazing game. It should be noted, however, that FireFall is still very much in beta as testing out partial content and specific elements is still under way.


Currently the team of Beta Testers are testing out the Coral Forest, the beginning area for PvE content in FF. The Coral Forest surrounds the starting city Copacabana in what was once the majestic city of Fortaleza.

Getting right to the game we know up to date that the game will be a hybrid MMO blended into a solid FPS e-sports game engine. Mark Kern compares the future of firefall to that similar to Planet SIde, a fully open world with player defined borders and faction warfare with a twist. The chosen is this awesome NPC faction that is here to destroy the world and take all the natural resources for their own. As the world in uncovered by pushing back the melding, players unlock additional content to continue to do missions in, new PvP arenas to compete in and certain precious minerals to mine.

Entering the game from the beginning we see our first mission is pushed to us by what is called the SIN network. These SIN networks are the backbone of the communities that can be unlocked in the world of FireFall and aid in the pushing back of the melding.


Every one enters the game in the Assault frame. The Assault frame is the ranged AOE king in this game. Playing the Assault is fast and deadly with high peak damage on direct hits and moderate damage in AOE bursts. The Assaults alt-fires range from shotgun style bouncing balls to a triple blast of plasma fire. At higher levels Assaults can pack the Nova Cannon alt-fire which is a charge up massive damaging sphere of pure killing energy that explodes on impact.


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