An Exclusive Sneak Peak at Eclipse War Online (KR) [Part 1]

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Today, we've got some exclusive information including some unique features and character introduction about the new 3D fantasy MMORPG Eclipse War Online, which is developed by Korea-based NDOLPHIN and published by SG INTERNET.

Eclipse War

A general introduction about Eclipse War Online

It is a full 3D fantasy MMORPG, in which 4 classes of the two opposite tribes (Lumen, Kaligo) that can transform into all the monsters in the world trying to be the owner of the Land Carlis. Level up the characters stats/skill points and by enchant level up the transformed characters to strengthen the RVR and dungeon play. And by the day and night difference the monsters and transformation object has different abilities. It adopts a Micro-Transaction bussiness mode.

Eclipse War

Different Features

  • Able to transform in to all monsters in side the game (Now all monsters are main characters).
    • Acquire transformation
      • All monsters in world drops transform item randomly
      • Players can obtain the item and transform or disable anytime.
    • Transform effect
      • When transform the transform object stats will apply(added) to the character
      • Each class of the main characters has about 15 active skills and all transform object has each 4 active skills
      • When transform able to use both, main character skills and transform object skills
    • Level up transform objects
      • When kill users character, For certain time user can have the appearance, skill, level of the character PK
      • When steal, characters appearance will be same
      • Can use the stolen characters skill
      • If steal the characters level will be same as the stolen character

    Eclipse War

  • Natural enemy based on opposite characters. The stats changes by the main activity time.
    • Natural Enemy
      • All transformed objects and monsters has opposite characters.
      • If get hit critical damage from the opposite character, for 30 seconds all stats will decreas.
    • Main activity time
      • All transform objects has there main activity time(day or night). At their main activity time attack power and HP gets stronger
    • Main activity territory
      • All transform objects has their main activity areas and if they get into that area the get special effects.
      • ex1) If Snowman stands on the snow, when he attacks by random probability blizzard will occur for extra damage.
      • ex2) If water spirit stands on water he can hide.

    Eclipse War

    Eclipse War Online is still at the development stage but according to the publisher company SG INTERNET, they may bring the game to the overseas market in the future.

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