Top 10 Types of Game Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Online game is like real life where we can find lots of interesting phenomenons. Sometimes we call it habit; sometimes we call it obsession. Generally speaking, every gamer out of 50 has some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder. It may be just in incubation period or early stage, and it may also break out some day. But don't be scared. Game obsession is not necessarily a bad disease. On the contrary, it may bring much fun to your gaming experience as long as you keep good attitude. Anyway, following are 10 kinds of OCD most seen in video game players. Do you have any of these? Is playing game making you "sick"?

Game obsession

No.10 Obsession for Map-Exploration

When you are playing games, does this feeling ever occur to you that one is not truly familiar with the game until they explore all the game maps? If yes, you may have some slight obsession for exploration. In fact, there are indeed some gamers who know the game maps impressively well (those who memorize the maze route not included), and they could always find some beautiful or interesting places of the game they play. They are like movie directors who must see every corner of the set from every angle just to find out those special places.

Game obsession

No.9 Obsession for Economization

Gamers with this obsession are really interesting. If they play alone, it is OK. However, if you team up with these guys, there comes your pain. These guys are always saving gold or other things. They refuse to use potion until their HP is lower than the standard they set. They won't open their pocket until they see the lowest price in the auction house. They even do the economization on the travel. They will work out the fastest way to walk to the destination instead of buying a mount. The most annoying thing is they even economize their skills in battle.

Game obsession

No.8 Obsession for Dialogue

For some gamers, the fun and the key part of playing games is reading the storyline. Sometimes they are so obsessed with the storyline that they would complain for a long time once they found any illogical plot. What's worse, they would even delete the game just for unsatisfied storyline. In their opinion, every NPC is the leading role and dialogue with these roles is the vitality of video games.

No.7 Obsession for Collection

"Why the warehouse is so small?", "Why there is so limit space in the Inventory?" You must have been very familiar with these complaints, right? For gamers who like collecting items, even 10 warehouses are not enough. Usually, they will keep every item they collect, with the hope that they may be useful some day. Thus, day after day, their warehouse is finally filled with all kinds of gears, but they still refuse to throw anything out, worrying their collections might increase in value. The truth is even after they quit game, their collection has never been taken out of their warehouse or increased in value.

Game obsession

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