[April Fool] New Blizzard Kidzz Games Set to Offer the Most Epic Learning Experience EVER!

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Maybe the parents worldwide don't have to worry about their kids playing video games any more as games can also be useful tools to learn valuable life lessons and skills. Blizzard today announced that a new line of educational games set in the most popular Blizzard franchises are trying to give your children not only the most epic but also the most educational gaming experiences... ever.

Blizzard Kidzz

Blizzard Kidzz games are targeted at young gamers aged 6 and up and will cover important life skills including mathematics, history, science, reading and writing, and much more!

Below is a quick preview of the upcoming lineup:

  • Zergling Teaches Typing
  • Reader Ravager
  • The Westfall Trail
  • Turbo Science Vessel
  • Strat Blaster with Edmund Duke
  • Where In Sanctuary is Deckard Cain

    Blizzard Kidzz

    Blizzard Kidzz

    You can visit Blizzard Kidzz preview page now for more detailed game descriptions, screenshots and preorder information!

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