[April Fool] Guild Wars 2 Canceled, Guild Wars 3 Being Developed

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According to a Hungary Guild Wars 2 blog, some bad news is coming for those players eagerly waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2. It is said that ArenaNet decided to cancel Guild Wars 2 while at the same time, Guild Wars 3 is being development with most of the systems in Guild Wars 2 being revamped and improved. You can check out the full article below.


After spending more than 4 years developing what we intended to be the best MMO, we came to the conclusion that Guild Wars 2 is just not good enough, and we have to start over from scratch yet again. We built this company on innovation, and we're getting really frustrated that we can't seem to get rid of industry-standard features like levels, attributes, and swinging swords repeatedly. Making Guild Wars 2 was a race to outshine ourselves, and we're losing this race. There's no escape but to escape ahead: we're cancelling Guild Wars 2, and at the same time, we're announcing the development of our new MMO, Guild Wars 3!

Our new vision contains everything that we consider essential for a truly groundbreaking, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, pants-dropping, more than epic MMO: a combat system based on rhythm games and DDR mats for a truly active and fun experience, extremely thrilling submarine combat inspired by the movie Das Boot and the anime series Blue Sub No. 6, a crafting system that lets you create ever-bashing boomerangs and blood-flavored lollipops, and hyperdynamic events which read the players' mind in advance and provide PvE content based on secret needs and desires. To accomplish that, Guild Wars 3 will have an ESRB rating of AO (Adults Only), and a corresponding PEGI rating of 18 (Bad Language, Drugs, Discrimination, Fear, Gambling, Sex, Violence).

On the PvP front, we're planning to have deathmatches using a new generation of body-involving console controllers, which results in the actual death of the loser of the match (comes equipped with automatic resuscitating system). This way, 'Fight to survive!', a line we employed in Guild Wars 2 while a character is in the downed state, will rise to a whole new level of meaning.

WvW will also evolve, letting players organize themselves in new and exciting ways, taking cues from a classic sandbox game, Sim Ant. The tutorial level of WvW will require players to build something akin to the Great Pyramids of Giza; as a slave forced to carry supplies under the harsh desert sun, reeling under the oppression of the evil Guild Overlords. The actual WvW experience will be even more brutal, with thousands of peons shouting desperate war cries while marching to their certain deaths, making players truly feel the meaning of 'expendable'.

On the PvE side, our lore and writing team, dissatisfied with standard fantasy tropes, is planning to turn every character into a pain-filled wretch torn apart by moral dilemmas, taking inspiration from the works of renowned writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of Crime and Punishment, and Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy. In Guild Wars 3, there will be no main antagonist or some other silly threat to the world – instead, you will have to wrestle with your inner weaknesses, and overcome them to find salvation from the sins of the past that are torturing you.

Our art team came to the conclusion that most MMOs are horribly upsetting games, frequently causing forum rages and even physical discomfort, and the reason for this is that the sensual output of MMOs is getting people seriously agitated. Our new motto is, involving both the visual and aural assets in the game: "Chill out. Relax. You're safe." Instead of big and nasty monsters, hot chicks and dudes, flashy effects and mind-blowing vistas, gorgeous orchestral music and appealing voice-overs, Guild Wars 3 will feature procedurally generated abstract imagery and an instrumental, sparse, non-repeating soundscape designed to slip you into a meditative state, where you can reach enlightenment. Welcome to our world of peace and happiness, the final stage in the evolution of MMOs! (Assertive communication courses will be made available through the cash shop.)

We understand that this decision will upset many players who were waiting for Guild Wars 2. But rest assured, with Guild Wars 3, we will finally be able to achieve all our goals, and give you the best MMO game ever!

Source: gw2.variance.hu



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