Guild Wars 2: The Cash Shop Items Get Leaked

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Last week, ArenaNet had a blog post detailing the microtransaction system in Guild Wars 2. There must be many players who are ready to buy Guild Wars 2 wondering about what items are going to be sold in the cash shop. Thanks to Hunter Insight, we've got some leaded screenshots and information about Guild Wars 2 cash shop.

Full Sizecash shop

All of these items can be bought with in game gold. That makes things more balanced than people seem to realize. The costs seem reasonable, especially if you thought the original Guild Wars cash shop items were reasonable. For instance, the most expensive costumes seem to cost 700 gems and according to the leak 400 gems cost about 5 bucks, so we're talking similar prices for costumes.

But looking from the leaked screenshots, not only the cosmetics and quality-of-life features like costumes and character/bank slots are selling, but also some extra bonus staff like Experience Boost (gain an additional 50% EXP from kills for one hour), Magic Find Boost (improve the chance to get rare items by 10% for one hour) are also included. I think this is going to be the most controversial part.

Full Sizecash shop

But after all, those screens are leaked which means they may be faked or mistaken. What are available now may change between now and launch. Meanwhile, ArenaNet once claimed that they won't sell anything "evil" in the cash shop. Let's just wait and see the final result.

Full Sizecash shop

Full Sizecash shop

Full Sizecash shop

Source: Hunter Insight



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