Guild Wars 2 Probably Has No Region Lock

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A recent tweet appeared on Guild Wars 2's official twitter site indicates that there is probably no region lock in Guild Wars 2. In the tweet, a gamer asked whether American players would be able to hop on over to the European servers. I believe that is a question many players would concern. Fortunately, the answer sounds quite positive.

@void_adept there will be restrictions in place at point of sale, but after that you will be able to play with your friends :) ^AT

The replying tweet is still some speculation about the availability of region hopping, but it certain sounds like players from across the world can log into any server of their choice and play together, just like what players experienced in Guild Wars 1.


Guild Wars 1: An account is initially set to a specific region depending on the version of the game purchased; Europe, America, Korea, Taiwan or Japan. Players from Europe, America and Korea may freely move among those three regions. Regardless of the account's home region, players in all regions can meet and form parties in international districts (instances of in-game outposts). These districts are also in the language of the original region.


If it is true, that'll be amazing as players with a variety of nationalities are able to build guilds and adventure together in the game.

Source: GuildWarsInsider



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