ArenaNet Explains Microtransactions in Guild Wars 2

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Today, Mike O'Brien, the president of ArenaNet, has put up a new blog post detailing the framework for the microtransaction system in Guild Wars 2 and the goals ArenaNet made to assure a "everyone wins" situation.


O'Brien explained the philosophy on microtransactions: We think players should have the opportunity to spend money on items that provide visual distinction and offer more ways to express themselves. They should also be able to spend money on account services and on time-saving convenience items. But it's never OK for players to buy a game and not be able to enjoy what they paid for without additional purchases, and it's never OK for players who spend money to have an unfair advantage over players who spend time.

The microtransaction system works on three currencies: gold, karma, and gem. Gold is the in-game currency that can be traded; Karma which cannot be traded and is used for purchasing unique items in-game; gems are that player purchase and used to purchase microtransactions.


"We have a new player-driven market that allows players to trade gold for gems and gems for gold. If you want something, whether it's an in-game item or a microtransaction, you ultimately have two ways to get it: you can play to earn gold or you can use money to buy gems. We think that's important, because it lets more players participate on a level playing field, whether they use their free time or their disposable income to do it."

As O'Brien said the system will help combat RMT companies and players can trade gems and gold via a player-to-player Trading Post (Guild Wars 2's version of the auction house). As for the microtransaction content, O'Brien stated they haven't nailed down the specifics but I think it sounds similar to what we've seen in Guild Wars.

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