'Girls Don't Play Games' According to Some Stats Prove Otherwise

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There was a time when video games were considered a "boy's activity". Those times are long gone. In fact, females have been playing video games since they were first invented but the numbers that play today far outreach those from the past. Not only do we have female gamers but we have video games being designed by females and specifically for females.

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As a female gamer of many years, I've heard all the jokes about girls in games. It's funny in a way to see that some people still say "girls don't play games" or look in shock if they hear that a woman is into a video game. Shouldn't we now be at a point where we realize that women play games today more than ever before? Just as many women play as men and depending on the game itself, there may be even more women playing.

According to M2 Research and Nintendo, there are 45 million people primarily playing console video games in the U.S. Here is a breakdown on those stats:

  • Nintendo estimates 26% of these primarily console gamers are female
  • This is approximately 11.7 million female console gamers
  • Wii – 80% = 9.3 million
  • X360 – 11% = 1.29 million
  • PS3 – 9% = 1.05 million
  • Total = 11.7 million Females

    girl gamer

    M2 Research also estimates there are:

  • 130 million women currently playing online PC games worldwide
  • 140 million men currently playing online PC games worldwide

    When I present these facts, some will say that they are skewed but no one is ever able to give me a solid or reasonable answer as to why they think so. Nearly all the women I know play some type of video game on a regular basis, including my sister, mother and mother-in-law. Most of them play online games of some type. MMORPGs are very popular with women as well as social games (like Farmville on Facebook). This doesn't mean that women only play a certain type of game, however. I have many female friends who play first-person shooters with me, RPGs and various types of console games.

    Speaking of MMOs, close to 40% of all World of Warcraft players are female, or almost 3 million players, yet you will still hear people in game say "there are no women in WoW" or the famed "GIRL = guy in real life" comment.

    girl gamer

    What is with this stereotyping that seems to continue despite what the facts say? I contribute at least some of it to an Internet falsity that plagues gamers the most. We all know there are females in gaming but it's almost a tradition to joke about it. Isn't it time to let the tradition die so gamers can just be gamers without the separation of male/female?

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