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This week, DoubleIcaras, one of our writer club members, has a chance to have an exclusive interview with Nils, the English and French community manager for Eligium – The Chosen One, which is published by Frogster Entertainment and has just entered open beta on February 15th.

Eligium – The Chosen One

DI: Hello there Nocte, would you mind telling us who you are and what your role with Frogster is?

Hi DoubleIcaras and many thanks for contacting me. My name is Nils, but you probably know me as "Nocte". I'm the English and French community manager for Eligium – The Chosen One.

DI: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

The first computer game that I remember playing was "Colossal Cave" (on the PC). Following this, the next game which marked me the most was "Eye of the Beholder" in the early 90s. I became heavily involved in my local pen and paper RPG community and have been role-playing for over 20 years now. Once you roll your first d20, you're hooked! I've currently made a gap in my backlog of single-player games to make space for Skyrim, which I'm enjoying tremendously.

DI: If you had to state the feature you thought Eligium fans were most interested in, what would that be?

This is quite a question because Eligium contains almost every feature ever presented in an MMORPG. Guild and faction wars? Check. Mounts and pets? Check. Guild management, auction and player shops, innovative skill system? Check, check, check! And that's not even mentioning the armour and weapon improvement system. If I had to choose my favorite though, it'd definitely be the ability to fight from the back of one's mount. I always found it bizarre that in other MMORPGs, a rider would have to dismount to charge the enemy. Eligium allows you to steer your mighty steed and truly leap into the fray.

Eligium – The Chosen One

DI: How would you describe Eligiums PvP features?

In one word, "bloody". PvP is one of Eligium's pillars. That is not to say that PvP is mandatory, but rather because PvP is so central, we feel that even die-hard PVE players will want to join in the fun. We're all looking forward to seeing countless mass-battles that will take place in the new guild and faction war system. With several hundred players acting at the same time, let's hope that the guild warlords have good leadership skills or it's bound to get rather chaotic!

Eligium – The Chosen One

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