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As an 18+ MMO, Kabod Online highlights almost all the 18+ features like gambling, violence and sex for players to enjoy. The game has entered into open beta in March last year with the global closed beta begun in August 2011, which has attracted much attention from players. Today we are glad to have an interview with the developer Kabod Entertainment. Meanwhile, a massive content update is released today which you can find at the end of the interview.

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1. MMOsite: Compared with other adult MMOs in the market, what do you think is the biggest shining part of Kabod Online?

Kabod Online is wild and sexy MMOs. The dress of Human characters in Kabod Online is changeable in various ways. For example, if a character gets a blow, their armor is destroyed or clothe is torn stage by stage. Plus, the player can make the sexy Monster(NPC) whom he(she) met at a field to his(her) pet, can take around always with the pet, can go hunting with the pet, and can touch the pet in a special way. Players can control their characters as they want and they can make another ego through their characters. That is the difference between game and movie, and Kabod Online is developed considering it. The male users of Kabod Online can experience various things such as female avatar with their male avatars.

Kabod Online

2. MMOsite: As an adult MMO, how did you do to maximize the 18+ elements?

There are two things of sexual part and militant part to maximizing the 18th elements. Basically, we're trying to express the beauty and sexual attraction temptingly as a realistic visual element. The fascinating visual is the basis of maximizing effect of many systems in Kabod Online. Even in a simple system in which human character's armor is broken when hunting monsters, various attractive human characters will be added in a near future, and dating system with NPC is scheduled also.

Regarding the militant part of Kabod Online, we're planning to add various battle modes with division system which will be updated soon.

Kabod Online

3. MMOsite: It's learned that NPCs in Kabod online are different from other traditional games which mainly play a role of publishing quests. What interaction can plays have with those NPCs? Can players have "body contact" with the NPCs or fall in love with them?

Players can various touchable acts such as dance with their pet, hug, and kiss in the existing pet system. When raising the level of game, their characters will be richer in emotion, and other various emotions will be added continuously.

The other special system which will be developed is NPC date system. It is possible to date with some NPCs who publish guests in a village. The players can touch NPC with affection when they perform many quests and get various rewards from the NPC.

Kabod Online

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