Adorable MMORPG Lime Odyssey (KR) Updated Marriage System

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Lime Odyssey, a new MMORPG developed by Korea-based Sirius and published by Areia Game, is currently performing its alpha test in North America. Since its debut, Lime Odyssey has been welcomed by many players and even attracted more attention through its marriage system. The Korean Lime Odyssey kept one step ahead and already launched its OBT. Recently, it has released more info about the marriage system.

Lime Odyssey

The newly updated marriage system takes warmth as its major selling point. It provides massive interactive content to encourage people to meet with each other and enter into marriage.

Along with the release of marriage system, brand new Marriage NPCs have also appeared. They sell Beautiful Bouquets to increase the intimacy between players in the name of Love Guides. Additionally, players can make a pair after dating and announcing love.

Lime Odyssey

Once two players get married, the system will make publish the good news throughout the whole server, so that the couple can receive blessings from all players. Besides, a couple can purchase lovers' rings and summon other couples freely, which fills their gaming days with happiness. Please note that if a couple breaks up, they are not allowed to find a new partner within one week.Lime Odyssey has carried out its OBT in South Korea for more than 2 months, and Sirius has successfully won recognition of players by means of organizinga series of events. To promote the marriage system, Sirius is now holding the "To Be My Lover" event in the hope of helping players enjoy the game better.

Lime Odyssey

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